Brrr, the weather is set to get chilly for the next few weeks. Will we have snow? It’s doubtful, we rarely get snow here on the south-west coast of Wales, but a girl can hope! Here’s some recent Etsy favourites, inspired by the cold month of January…..

Firewood bar soap; Mug Men coffee cup; Sea Rocks painting; Cobalt serving plate; {Colour Shot Cups; Douce Tempete Picture; Black Dots NotebookSilver Ribbon Pearl Earrings; Ceramic House candle holder; Blue Quartz Spike necklace; 14 karat gold earrings; Foxy White; Lilypad Volcano ring; White Lace cuff; Hammered Copper earrings; Ancient Leaf necklace; Itty Bitty word block; Rough Amethyst ring; Winter Bear print; Black Feather earrings; Crow Feather watercolour painting; Pocket Moleskine; Silver Gold Ring; Geese Flight Print

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