So for all who may have missed out on the first mock update, we’re going to do a whole series of them starting tonight (Monday, 26 November)! The first one is scheduled for 8:00 pm GMT with subsequent ones every 4 hours. We’re hoping to get as many Poshies to have an opportunity to try out the new system before it goes live, and again, your feedback is highly valuable. In fact, there will be additional prizes offered to the Posh shopper with the most virtual skeins purchased, and also to a Posh shopper drawn at random from all who successfully place an order.

Here are the official times (in GMT):

Please, please, if you can participate, we would really appreciate it! We’re nearly at the stage of running a real shop update with the new system, and it will be a much less nerve wracking procedure if the system has been well and truly tested (aka battered) beforehand!

This is the URL that you need to use for these updates: http://poshyarn.e-lys.com/shop

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