We’re still planning to go ahead with tonight’s mock update – hope you can join us!

Don’t forget, there’s prizes for tonight’s shoppers. I will be selecting one customer at random from the update, and you will receive a £25 Posh Yarn gift voucher. As well, the first customer to complete checkout will receive a free skein of yarn from our Orphans pile (which includes some of our more luxurious bases, like Natasha, Audrey, and Miranda). I’m hoping that this will entice you to shop with as much speed and determination as you normally would on a Sunday!!

One thought on “31.10.12

  1. I’ve only just read all the posts re the mock update. I do of course understand why you have done the mock update, to test your system, but it actually looks like there are loads of skeins left (following link from mock update in bold, above) Have I totally missed the point here, was it purely to test the system, i.e it wasn’t a real sale, or are they actually available?

    Apologies on behalf of my hard-of-thinking brain (apparently I don’t ‘get’ jokes either!)