My dear Poshies,

You, and I, have all suffered from the glitches in the current checkout system. I have long promised you changes, but could never pin the techie guy down to actually creating and implementing them. I was beginning to give up hope, when our very own Fairy Godmother came along with her magic wand. Meg has been working hard for months on a brand new checkout system, as well as improvements to the Posh website. We are just about ready to start testing the changes. We need your help.

On Wednesday October 24th 2012, at 8pm (UK time), we are going to hold a mock shop update, and we need as many of you as possible to participate. This is designed to replicate the Sunday update as closely as possible, so we need a real feeding frenzy to test the system to its limits. We need as many of you as possible, shopping as you normally would (cut throat style!). This will enable Meg to analyse how well the system works and what needs adjusting. The better this test goes (I mean, the more accurately it replicates a real update), the less likely it is that when we implement it for real, it will crack up under the stress (and me too).

Please, please, if you can help us we would be so grateful. I’m going to offer you an incentive. Two incentives. I will be selecting one customer at random from the update, and you will receive a £25 Posh Yarn gift voucher. As well, the first customer to complete checkout will receive a free skein of yarn from our Orphans pile (which includes some of our more luxurious bases, like Natasha, Audrey, and Miranda). I’m hoping that this will entice you to shop with as much speed and determination as you normally would on a Sunday!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hope you can join in on Wednesday!!

Hugs, Dee

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