I think I’ve discovered the secret of health. Go see your doctor.

Yes, it’s simple, but very effective. However ill you feel, you can guarantee that by the time you see a doctor your symptoms will have magically subsided. Your temperature will be down, your heart will be beating normally, that mysterious pain in your side will have eased. The doctor will examine you and say that everything seems to be fine, and then scribble something in your notes which you just know includes the word hypochondriac. “If only you’d seen me yesterday,” you’ll say, apologetically. You’ll walk out, avoiding the eye of all the other patients in the waiting room, who look really sick. You’ll hum a defiant tune as you walk past the reception desk. And you’ll go home, feeling foolish, but quite well.

Unfortunately, the effects of this medicine are short lived. By tea time you will be feeling worse than ever. Never mind, you can always make another appointment. If you dare.

2 thoughts on “Panacea………

  1. What happens is that is takes sooo long to get an appointment that you are better by the time you see a doctor, but whilst sitting in the doctors waiting room with ill people you contract another illness which doesn’t show until you get home! lol

  2. hmm…so true…if you are ill and need to see a doctor, why is it that the only one available is the one that scares you?