Whew, getting this shop update ready has been a little tricky! After the show, we decided we were in such chaos anyway (half the shelving in the yarn room had been dismantled, as it also serves as the display shelving for shows) that we might as well go right ahead with our plans to switch work room and bedroom around. This means that we will have a far larger work room, with plenty of space for Posh, as well as room for my crafting, and a little (a very little) corner for Tony’s office. But when you live in a cottage as small as this one, any disruption affects the whole house, including work space. So, it’s been a little…….. challenging this week. But we’re getting there!

Thank you for your patience and understanding with the preview delay yesterday. After an 11 hour sleep I felt much more the thing this morning, and whizzed through the rest of the photos. The camera behaved too – I swear it can smell fear, because it only ever plays up at the worst possible of times. Yesterday it would NOT see yellows or greens, in addition to the usual way it struggles with turquoise, teal, and violet. But today it cooperated. So, here’s a screenshot of the Flickr set for the week:

And the shop preview is now up, here. We were having next week off, but we’ve changed our plans, so there will be a shop update next Sunday as normal, with the addition of some orphans.

Now then, onto even more important things. I was mortified at the show to be practically the only person there not wearing anything knitted.

! ! ! !

The thing is though, I get hot when I’m nervous, so a shawl was out, and I don’t have any lightweight sweaters or cardigans that would have worked. So as soon as we came home, I started searching for the perfect pattern. I wanted something light, but preferably not lace weight, as I’m not that comfortable knitting with fine yarn. So I was hoping to find a pattern to use with Catherine, our heavy lace weight merino yarn. I had 4 skeins in a bright violet/purple, which is totally me, and has the advantage of never photographing properly, so I didn’t feel too guilty about snatching it from the shop. I settled on Pivot, which I think is lovely, and just my style. It will work with jeans or a skirt, and looks very flattering. I had resigned myself to it taking For.Ever to knit (especially since it is knitted flat, purl rows, the horror), but after 3 days I’m already halfway up one arm, which isn’t bad at all.

And oh, my dears, Catherine is just a joy to knit with, it really is. I think it might be my desert island yarn. I loved it in Quill, but that was undyed, and also garter stitch, which isn’t my favourite to knit. But I can definitely see more Catherine garments in my future. I’m getting 27 stitches & 44 rows to 4”, on 3mm needles, unblocked (but I am a very loose knitter). And it’s smooshy, sheepy heaven. Look (yes, the colourway really is this bright):

Three skeins should be ample for this pattern for my size (39″). If you have some Catherine sitting in your stash, and don’t know what to make with it, I would warmly recommend a sweater or cardigan. A couple of Poshies on our Ravelry group have shared photos of sweaters they’ve made with it, and they really do look gorgeous. I’m assured that it frogs well too!!! If you haven’t tried Catherine yet, well there’s plenty on the update this week (and some next week too). I don’t usually plug a yarn quite this much – but it’s more than a little bit special!!

One thought on “01.09.12

  1. Everything looks fantastic as per usual, however…I can’t see the update from the link you’ve put in, only last week’s.
    But anyway…from the Flckr set, could you tell me whether the “Not in Kansas” (Catherine) is a really dark yarn, as on my laptop screen it appears quite light, in contrast with the description which has purplish navy, charcaol and black. If i tilt the screen one way it looks darker, one of the things I really dislike about laptops!
    Thanks! Cal x