Dear me, what a bad blogger I’ve become. I’m so sorry! Low energy combined with not very much to say, that’s my excuse. I was looking at a list of the top 100 knitting blogs last week, and was amazed at just how many of them no longer blog. I guess after many years of blogging, a lot of us just run out of material/motivation. This is why Twitter is so splendid – you only have to think of one or two sentences. I can do that! Here, I feel like I need to write a full story, accompanied by lovely pictures, and most of the time I haven’t got the spare energy or time or attention to do that.

Anyway, here’s what is on my mind today. Short & snappy!

  • I’ve got my niece starting work with us tomorrow. She’s going to be helping me with the photographs, to begin with, and I’m really excited about it. And nervous. I’ve never trained anyone before, I’m not very good at it. We’ll have to learn together. She’s a doll, and eventually I would like to train her to be able to turn her hand to pretty much anything to do with Posh – including the dyeing. She’s the next Posh generation!
  • Talking of change, I got a new laptop this week. My last laptop conked out where the power cable goes into it, and was unfixable, so I’ve been nursing it along on two batteries, one in, one on charge. Not ideal. But I was procrastinating, because I hate transferring everything over to a new laptop. It takes so long, and half the programmes I use have to be repurchased, and it’s just a pain-in-the. But I’ve done it now, and will be using the new one for the photographs this week. I chose it specifically for its strong graphics and fast processor, and it’s interesting to see how different the website looks on it. I’m hoping it will help me step up the quality of the yarn photos.
  • I have finally finished the old shale border on Quill, with much anguish and wailing, as my Ravelry friends can confirm. Man, it went on f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Now I’m nibbling away at the edging. My aim is to have it finished by the end of August, for the Chester show.
  • Can’t decide what to knit next (I’m sticking with the project monogamy, there’s no doubt it makes you more productive) – I have 5 skeins of scarlet Martha Sport, which I want to make into a cardi, and I’m thinking of Blair, but I’m not 100% set on it. Watching the new patterns released on Ravelry with an eagle eye, hoping to find The One. Or I might just start Aidez.
  • Summer colds are the worst.
  • Oh, I forgot to say, my new laptop has a fingerprint sensor, so that I don’t have to worry about remembering my various passwords. Pretty cool! Makes me feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie.
  • Autumn/winter catalogues are starting to drop through my door, and I’m sighing over the latest trends. Not sighing in a good way. So many of the companies that I love (Toast, Wrap, even Boden) are bringing out collections that will only look good on the very slim, boxy tops, baggy fits, oversized shirts, chunky knits. Fashion is fashion, and I know we are stuck in an 80’s/90’s redux, but you would think that the shops that cater more for the maturer woman would translate trends into a flattering, wearable version. The number of shops that I can shop from is dwindling, dwindling. Sadly, these trends are also very much influencing the latest knitting patterns – I’m seeing way too many boxy, oversized, chunky knits out there.
  • Pimms is the bomb.
  • Also, loving the new series of Cupcake Wars.
  • Downton Abbey bores me. There, I said it.
  • Can you forgive me?
  • I have hit the really hideous stage of hair growing out. Do I cut? Do I grow on?
  • Articles like this seriously annoy me. (warning, Daily Mail link)

7 thoughts on “24.07.12

  1. I am glad that some one else thinks that there are toooooo many chunky designs out there especially for children. They look slightly ridiculous in cardi’s/jumpers knitted in these wools. Give me 4 ply or dk they look so much better, especially in a good quality wool from posh yarns…………. regards, Paula

  2. I am glad that someone else thinks that someone else thinks that there are tooooo many chunky pattterns/designs out there. Children especially look funny in them. The only plus is how quickly they knit up. Much better to be knitted in dk or 4 ply in a good quality wool like posh yarn supplies.. Paula

  3. LOL! Love your honesty. I have not launched my blog for those very reasons. But I’ve wondered about the bar setting on Twitter as well.

  4. Don’t stress about blogging. There are too many people out there that put uninteresting crap on their blogs just because they’ve decided they must blog daily. I’d much rather read less frequent and interesting posts. Which this is :). A post with just a photo of what someone is working on is also welcome.

    Blair is lovely (just added it to my queue, thanks) and would be a great garment to showcase yarn and have it be the star.

  5. maybe you could somehow use vonica? it’s a lovely lightweight cardi pattern that doesn’t use super-bulky yarn!

  6. eep, or the pomme de pin cardigan, which i’m now thinking of making for myself. can you tell i’m really into delicate-ish lacy cardigans?