Some progress shots on my Quill – I’m up to 60 ridges now.

As you can see, the yarn is a little uneven, it almost feels like knitting with a handspun yarn, some places thinner, some places thicker and loosely plied. I quite like it, it adds to the homespun, old fashioned, rustic effect of the shawl.

I defy anyone except Jared Flood to photograph a large cream garter square and make it look interesting!! But I’m still thoroughly enjoying the project. The mindlessness of the garter, coupled with the soft bounciness of the yarn, makes for the ultimate in soothing knits. It has that one-more-row appeal about it.

Simplicity is sometimes the most therapeutic thing there is. This project reminds me of…..

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • A tall glass of cold milk
  • Fresh white linen sheets
  • Homemade rice pudding
  • A sheet of cold pressed ivory writing paper
  • Whipped cream
  • An untouched blanket of snow
  • Puffy white clouds

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