First things, first: this week’s shop preview is now up! Here’s a screenshot of the Flickr set:

As you can see, it’s a splendidly big update this week. I’m particularly excited about the new addition to the Posh range, a heavy lace or light sock, depending on how you look at it! Here are the details:

Catherine, a heavy lace weight organic merino yarn, 600m / 650 yards per 100g skein, £12.00 per skein.

I showed you the undyed yarn earlier this week, but it’s worth showing you again, with some dyed yarn as a comparison. I’ve never seen a yarn plump up and bloom like this one does! It almost doesn’t look the same yarn.

This yarn is absolutely heaven to knit with; I’ve cast on Quill (in fact, we’re having a knitalong for it on the Posh Ravelry group, if you care to join us!), and the yarn is so lovely that I am facing the acres of plain garter stitch with equanimity, even anticipation! Excuse the rubbish photo, but here’s how it knits up:

I still have a few undyed skeins left, if anyone fancies a cream shawl.

3 thoughts on “19.05.12

  1. I’d love a couple of skeins – I really want to make the whisper cardigan out of a natural colour yarn, so versatile!

  2. YOu are so tempting with this undyed! My mom used to do amazing things with Aran and Fair Isle when my lads were wee and now she is getting back into it though her arthritis hampers things a lot which frustrates her. But I got her into knitting small projects like socks and she has discovered variegated yarn so I plan to get her onto the Posh Yarn site (aided by a couple of skeins I have in my stash)…..Mwahahahahaaaa!!