I’m so excited by this new addition to our yarn range. We don’t currently have any yarns in the heavy lace / light sock weight range. This must be remedied! After knitting Sakura, I am desperately in love with this heavy lace weight type of yarn. It’s so lovely to work with.

So, here is the newest addition to the Posh Yarn stable. Catherine, a heavy lace weight organic merino yarn, 600m / 650 yards per 100g skein, £12.00 per skein. It is incredibly soft and lofty, and smells delightfully woolly! I’m about to cast on a Quill in it.

It will be launched in this week’s shop update, and its also available to purchase undyed, at £10 a skein.

3 thoughts on “15.05.12

  1. Ooh yes, I’ve been needing a UK supplier of this weight.
    Now, if next month you can dye some in a deep midnight blue, purple mix, I have just the project for it. Lol.

  2. I love this light weight pure white yarn, will it be available in the next two weeks as I will be in the UK for 10 days, I want to get some before coming back to Malaysia. Thanks so much!

  3. Yes! What lovely yarn…am tucked into bed and reading your blog…now shall dream & seriously consider my next weekend’s 3am yarn purchase chez PoshYarn! Need to add some skeins of this lace wool for my winter stash…Tony, throw on some colors for me please!