It’s very difficult to artistically photograph knee socks, while they are still on the needle!!

I spun the yarn for these socks ages ago. My idea was to create loooong stripes. It worked out pretty well! I spun 300g of fibre, and I’m hoping to get knee socks out of the yarn. Can’t you imagine these, poking out of the top of winter knee boots?! Cute.

They have been languishing in a bag for months – socks are not my favourite thing to knit, and the yarn isn’t very soft to work with. I’m quite close to finishing the first sock though, and I’m determined to crack on.

My recent experiment with project monogamy has been surprisingly successful. I finished Sakura in six weeks. A lace weight shawl in six weeks!! Still can’t quite believe it. I need to work up enough energy to block it, and then I can show you. After finishing it, I took a brutal trip through my projects box, and frogged several only-just-started projects. Felt good. Now I just have a fair isle sweater for Tony (which I will pick up again in the autumn), and two pairs of socks on the go. The other socks have been knitted simultaneously, and I’m about halfway through them. Just got each leg to knit. I might plug away at those when I complete this sock – before I cast on the second of this pair. (eta: Finished it!)

I would LOVE to finish these socks before casting on for something new. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that if you stick at a project, and put all your energy into it, you get much more accomplished than if you have lots of things on the go. I’m going to try to stick with this monogamy for as long as I can stand it.

2 thoughts on “02.05.12

  1. Gorgeous! I made knee socks once (and never again!) and they are fab for wearing under boots in winter.

  2. I knitted a pair of ‘Golf Stockings’ from a 1947 knitting book for my husband, who has long legs. I made them in Shetland 4-ply wool. They were fully fashioned (decreasing for the calf…to be integrated into the pattern) and seemed to take ages to knit. He loves them but I think it’ll be quite a while before I do another pair.