So….. how are you doing today? Is it a good day? A bad day? A hanging-in-but-only-just day?

Yeah, me too. It’s been a tips-of-my-fingernails kind of week. You know how life queues up a month’s worth of problems and throws them all at you at once? Even Tony is cracking around the edges. You know life is tough when it gets to him.

Anyway. If things are a little tough for you right now, you’re not alone. We’ll get through this. The longest, darkest day has to end eventually. In the meantime, be gentle. Be patient. It’s all about damage limitation. Don’t try to carry more than you have to right now.

And don’t forget to breathe……

(This abandoned house is on one of our favourite walks, to the cliff tops. The road goes through land used by the nearby army camp, and is regularly closed due to firing practise. The army bought the house, and closed it up. Which is a shame, because this old stone house would make a fine home.)


One thought on “25.04.12

  1. I have just read your post from yesterday.I am much,much older than you (positively ancient!)and I have spent too much of my life worrying how people see me.Now I realise what a waste of time it was.Having said that I wish I could be you with your talents.I have no natural talents.I can’t sing,I can’t draw,I’m hopeless at all sports(except ten pin bowling) but I have just accepted it.I try and that is the best I can do.You have a Tony,live in beautiful place,have a very successful business(I failed at 7.02 to get the wool I wanted!)and have a lovely caring personality.I think you are GREAT!