Finally Finished…..

If there’s one thing I like more than starting a project, it’s finishing one. (Although it’s a mixed pleasure, like finishing a really good book. It leaves something of a gap.) I started Forest Canopy, well, let’s not think about how long ago, since lots of you have finished them in a week or less. I’m sloooow.

But look, Ma, it’s all finished! The only thing that kept me going near the end, when there were sooo many stitches, was watching the colours of the yarn unfold. And imagining myself wearing it, of course.

So, this took 4 skeins (or around 200g) of Eva 4ply to complete, I did two extra repeats of the pattern, and the finished size (blocked) is 30″ from top to tip, and 68″ across the wingspan. Pretty, n’est pas?

And now I’m raring to get going on the Fir Cone shawl. But I did say June 1st would start the knitalong, so no casting on until tomorrow. Are you ready?

(And what is that acting as a background to the shawl? Why, it’s our delicious new yarn….. Kid….Silk….Lace….)

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