Opposites Attract……

How did you get on with your wallflower projects yesterday? Mine stepped all over my toes, reminding me why it was stuffed into the bottom of my workbasket for so long. It’s going to be a long, long time until that shawl is finished. Long.

Yesterday we were twisting up some of the skeins for this week’s update (so many delicious colourways, especially in lace weight, so if you’re looking for some yarn for the knitalong, you’re in luck). Just looking at these two skeins together (my yarn for the knitalong), one twisted by me, and one by Tony, tells you a lot about us. His is the nice comfortable loosely twisted one, soft, easy going. Mine is the tightly twisted one, neat, restrained, rather uncompromising. I can’t do them his way, and he can’t do them my way.

This nicely sums up how opposite we are. Tony is super-laidback, cheerful, patient, and takes life in his stride. I’m temperamental highly strung, a real worrier, have rather a short fuse, and like things organised and neat. When we first got together, 14 years ago, some delightful ‘friends’ named us Snob & Slob. I’d be more offended if it wasn’t so accurate.

Plus there’s an age gap between us, which highlights our difference. Tony is 19 years older than me. On paper. In reality, the age gap goes the other way. I was born an old lady. While Tony will always be a naughty little boy. He likes Radio One (wince) I like Classic FM. He plays squash, I play backgammon. He watches the latest blockbuster, I read novels from the 1930’s.

And what a good job we are so different. We balance each other out perfectly. And the longer we are married, the more we rub off on each other. We might not always do things the same way, but we think the same way about all the important things in life. Apart from the vital need to wear socks in bed (I’m for, he’s against).

Can you tell I adore him?

One thought on “Opposites Attract……

  1. yes I can tell you adore him 🙂
    I’m the same with my man, we’ve not married yet but been together over 5 years and I know I can live without him, I just never want to. I like herbal tea he likes PG tips but it never causes us harm to be different.