Wednesday Wallflower……..

I saw a fantastic idea on another wesite the other day (I can’t remember where – it was one of those crazy 1 a.m. surfathons). On a specified day of the week, everybody takes out one of their neglected projects, and works on it. Isn’t that a good plan? Because let’s face it, we all have unfinished projects stuffed in our work baskets, projects we are reluctant to work on, but don’t want to completely abandon, woolly wallflowers, that are drooping against the wall because no one wants to dance with them. Setting aside a specific time for them is a great idea. Kind of makes up for the startitis so many of us suffer with.

Here’s what I shall be working on today – my Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl:

This project became a wallflower, because it’s at that stage now where there are enough stitches to make a row go on for ever, the novelty of changing yarns has worn off, its not the weather for dk wool shawls, and I got distracted by Forest Canopy. But today is its lucky day.

What project deserves your attention today?

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