Yesterday we went on a little adventure. There is an abandoned farm nearby, just crying out to be explored and photographed. We had a huge amount of fun, poking around, taking photographs. There is no trespass law in the UK, but still, I felt very jumpy and furtive. Not helped at all by a huge snowy owl that flew right at me when I went into one barn. According to Tony, I let out such a blood curdling scream, that it still echoes in his ears. The shoot was not without mishaps – I caught my foot in a long bramble, wrenched my knee, dropped to the ground in agony, straight into a patch of nettles and brambles, and Tony dropped one of the cameras in his rush to get to me. Owwwwwwwwwww.

I can’t remember when I had so much fun, actually. The fantastic thing about photography is that it engages every bit of your attention. To someone whose mind is always on about forty-six things at once, this is magical. I felt refreshed and chilled out afterwards, despite the nettle rash and painful knee. You are completely in the moment when that camera is up to your eye. And you see things through the camera lens that you might not have noticed with your eyes.

Note to self: do more of this. It’s worth every scratch and bruise and dent.

(You can see the full sized images on my Flickr page.)

4 thoughts on “11.04.12

  1. incredible pictures Trude – you are very talentetd!! Is that Warren? And how bout that sign?!

  2. Dee, you take the most amazing photos. I particularly like the old truck and tractor, and that barn is to die for 😀

  3. Stunning photography – you tell a story with these pictures – and the view through the slatted window is the best.

  4. Ooh, can’t you just imagine buying this place and doing it up? If of course, there were oodles of money available 🙂