Look at this fabulous shawl:

The talented Gabriella designed it, and you can buy the pattern from her website. I think it would look superb in some of our Eva 2ply. Lots of that coming up later this week. I think that Gabriella is a hot one to watch, in the up and coming knitting designer world. You heard it here first.

I am more excited than I can tell you about our new Posh Knitters group. So many came and joined us yesterday, and I was overwhelmed. There are close on a thousand knitters on our newsletter list, but that took a year to build up, so to get 100 knitters join our group in the first day was really exciting. I think it’s going to be a fantastic resource. Mr P has been at me for a while to do something like this, and he was quite right (I’d like to say that he always is right, but well, that privilege is usually reserved for me in our house).

I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know you all over the last year, and its about time you got to know each other too. I’m so excited about getting all those Posh projects under one roof, so to speak, and about exchanging ideas, suggestions, etc, with you all. I was bouncing in my chair earlier, looking through the group photo folders. So many fantastic projects! If you haven’t already joined the party, please do. And invite your friends! Just don’t put it on MySpace – I don’t want the place trashed…….

You remember the mystery yarn I’ve been dangling before you? It’s almost here………. And if I was to mention a few letters, say, K and S and maybe a H, I wonder what you would think of??

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