Shooting preview photos today. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes…..

It’s not a terribly glamorous way to shoot, but it works. Two big studio lights, a white photo cube that diffuses the light and creates a seamless backdrop, and the camera tethered to the laptop so that I can see each photo on a large screen.

And here’s the finished shot (and this week’s cover pic!):

The full shop preview is now up, and the sale goes live at 7pm on Sunday. Hope you can join us.

3 thoughts on “07.04.12

  1. Om nom no-o-o-o-om! Pity I’m spending all my money on decorating this month….but I’ve got a job interview on Tuesday (same organisation – more senior position) so I fully intend to treat myself if I get it!

    As usual, love the purples xxxx

  2. Wow! Love seeing your process. Thank you for sharing your photographic trade secret 😉