How lovely you all are. A thousand thanks for your encouragement and support. A few words mean very much indeed. And how right you all are about the Forest Canopy shawl. Much as I would like to stop now, common sense tells me that it will be oh so worth it if I keep plugging on. At least two more repeats, I think. I’ll keep you posted.

But I’m already obsessing about planning my next shawl. I think I’ve got more satisfaction out of this one project than any I have done before. Lace is magical, and very addictive. If you still haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? But cheat, like I did, and do it in 4ply. One day I will graduate to laceweight, but not just yet. Although if anything was going to tempt me into laceweight, it would be the magical new yarn that will be making its debut later this month…..

But for now, 4ply will do me nicely. In fact, Sunday night, while you were all madly competing for the goodies on the shop page, I did a bad thing. I snaffled, right from under your noses, 4 skeins of Sophia 4ply in Grove. I was watching everything sell, and looking at the sale page, and suddenly I could resist temptation no longer. Pop, they went into my basket.

Oh the guilt pangs! But every time I tried to overcome the temptation, and put those skeins back into stock, I took another look at them and melted. Usually I am remarkably restrained, but this colourway just called to me. And I was in need of some yarn therapy. Forgive me!

So now, I’m trying to choose a pattern. I want to do another neck down triangular shawl, and I have 800 yards of yarn. I was talking it over with Kerrie, and as I wrote her an email saying that I’d narrowed it down to either Seraphim or Kiri, an email popped into my inbox from her, saying ‘either Kiri or Seraphim’. This sort of thing happens to us all the time; we are twins separated at birth, I suspect. Anyway. I haven’t really narrowed it down at all. I’m too indecisive. So, what do you think I should make? I would like to do something leafy-ish, because of the colourway.
I do love the look of this, but do I have enough yarn? I want as big a shawl as possible. This is going to be my comfort shawl. Ideas please, my lovely ones!

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