I know I’m late to the party, clutching on to the coat tails of other bloggers before me, but I’ve been thinking about my word for 2012. I’ve only just come across this concept – which is a brilliant one – but perhaps that is just as well. If I have to choose a word for 2011 at the start of last year, it would have been an ugly one.







Not the kind of words you want to resonate throughout 12 months of living. But sometimes life is like that, and you have to endure intense pain to get to the next level of the game.  I did, and I have, and here I am.

Ready to choose a word for 2012.

This is the year of truth. Of purity. Of sincerity. The year of peeling away the layers of old paper, and letting my heart breathe in bareness. Of keeping faith with myself. Of being unafraid to be me. The perfect time to let go of stale expectation, and set sail for new shores of discovery.

Me. Unadulterated, raw, unapologetic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, open hearted, true.

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