What do you like to take photographs of? For me, it’s architecture and people. Now, this is ironic, because I never go anywhere with interesting architecture, and I hardly see people, living my quiet life out in the back of beyond. Hence digging back into my archives for photographs of my last French holiday, three years ago…..

Other people like to take photographs of scenery, rolling fields under scudding cloud shadows, the beach, mossy woodlands, the Great Outdoors. Now, again, this is ironic. Because I have that kind of photo op in spades around me. I live a ten minute walk from an incredible beach in one direction. If I walk 15 minutes in another direction, I get to a stony path that winds along cliff tops, with dramatic views in all directions, waves crashing against rocks far below, boats in the distance, very photogenic, you would say.

But they don’t do it for me.

Perhaps, I’m looking at it all wrong, and if I want to improve my skills as a photographer, I should just be snapping away at anything and everything, as a learning experience. You would think I was shooting with an old film camera, the stingy way I ration my photographs. But  that’s the thing about photography: you capture the images that speak to you. The moments that you want to remember. (Perhaps that’s partly why I’m not especially interested in the scenes that surround my home – I can see them any time I want. I don’t need memory, I have reality.)

So, I just have to figure out a way to make more opportunities to capture the places and people that inspire me. And, because that’s quite tricky for me to do logistically, on a day to day level try to find the little details that inspire me, because I do love those too. Can you learn to have a photographers eye? That’s what I’m aiming for. The beauty of that is, you start to see more, you notice what’s going on around you, instead of drifting through your day in a semi-sleepwalk. And that can only be a good thing.

What inspires you to pick up your camera?

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