Thanks for all the feedback on the new postal charges system. Phew, we got it right! That’s good to know.

Now then, before I show you the good stuff that’s coming up this week, I want you to earn your keep. Two questions:

  • Has anyone seen a pattern for a man’s cable knit hoodie? I like the Central Park Hoodie, and the classic Rogue hoodie, but I am looking specifically for one designed for men. Any ideas?
  • And a question for my fellow cat owners: one of cats has been constantly sneezing since yesterday morning. He doesn’t seem ill, but surely this is not normal? Can cats get colds (and will my other cat catch it?)? Or hay fever?!
  • Ok, onto the good stuff. Here are some of the spectrum of laceweight colours from Sunday’s update.

    Happy Thursday, darlings!

    2 thoughts on “Temptation……..

    1. Yes, Dee, cats can get colds and they can also have allergies. He might have a kitty shaped case of the sniffles or he might have inhaled something. I swear my cat inhaled pollen off a rose the other day. *L* If it doesn’t slow down, I’d call the vet and see what they think. Just to be safe.

      I love all that lace weight. A well done to you and the team!

      Btw, is the RSS feed up yet for the other blog? It’s lonely here. ;^)

    2. I’d guess it was pollen as there is quite a bit about, in fact Swansea seems to be covered with dandelion pollen floating everywhere. I agree with Cookie though, if it doesn’t calm down get it checked. Gorgeous lace weight, I’m trying to wait until WonderWool though!