Bits & Bobs……

As of today, I have a cleaner. I feel like such a grownup. If you’ve never had someone come and clean your house for you, oh boy, it’s so worth it. My house sparkles now. This makes me very, very happy.

As does the sight outside my window. 200 skeins of yarn blowing in the wind. And I know I seem to say this every week, but I really think that this week’s batch is the best yet. Jam_Mam, look away NOW. Seriously. Because the laceweight colours this week……….wow. Jewels, every one of them. Deep sapphire, shimmering emerald, rich ruby. There are some real beauties. I’ll give you some previews on tomorrow’s blog.

Onto another topic. (I’m a little woolly headed today, because my head aches and I’ve taken strong painkillers, so do excuse the lack of finesse in today’s blog). We’ve been having a lot more customers from outside the UK recently, which is totally fab. I get really excited packing up orders to go around the world. Posh Yarn in Japan, Canada, Finland, America, New Zealand….. oh, everywhere! So cool. But it has raised some issues with our postage charges. Because our postage rates were set by order value, not by where you live. This meant that this week alone, our postage costs came to £100 more than we charged you. Ouch. So, after a lot of consideration, we’ve come up with what we believe to be the best solution, both for you as customers and for us as a business.

From now on, postage costs will be at a set rate, regardless of the size of your order, and will depend on your location. The charge for UK customers will be £1.75, and for airmail customers (that’s everyone outside the UK) the charge will be £2.75. I’m still figuring out how to handle multiple purchases – either I’ll continue to manually check through and refund you if you’ve paid postage more than once, or I may set a third option on the delivery part of checkout, which says ‘Multiple Purchase – no delivery charge’. What do you think?

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