Clever Customers…..

One of the frustrating things about not having broadband is that it’s very difficult to receive your photos of finished garments. I’ve had some beauties through, but they take oh forever to download. I’ll have to figure a way around that. And I must, must, must take some time this week (next week, sometime, never) to update the gallery.

Here are two that lifted my heart recently. I love seeing all the photos that come in, but these two particularly interested me. The first because it was from one of our Lace Club members, and I think that the way she has interpreted the last club pattern is just spectacular (look at the edging!). Plus, the photo is just so…… Posh!

The next photos were from a much beloved customer, Anniken, who has taken some of our Sophia 4ply yarn and designed a gorgeous shawl pattern with it.

The pattern is available from her website. I think I might have a go at it myself (ahem, once the two current shawls are done, of course).

And I have so many other great photos sitting in my inbox, waiting their turn in the spotlight. I need more hours in the day. And broadband.

By the way, for those of you who are coming to Wonderwool: if you wear something made from Posh Yarn, we’ll give you 10% off all your purchases. Get those needles a-clicking!

3 thoughts on “Clever Customers…..

  1. I love seeing the pics! So much pretty!

    You could start a community blog like the “Destash” one, or set up a yahoogroup discussion list where people can talk about their projects that they’re making from Posh Yarn. While not the best, yahoo does have a photo storage feature, plus it might be a neat way for customers to connect.

    If you need help with either let me know. 🙂

  2. Oh! I forgot. I’m not sure if your current website design supports a message board feature. If so, you could always go that route too, and it would provide a little more control than yahoo might.

  3. Hope to see you at Wonderwool. I am coming over from France with a friend. we have booked a little stall where we will be spinning. I had better stat knitting up some of my Posh Yarn in anticipation!