So ! Much ! Yarn !

Ha. You all thought I was lazing in the sunshine yesterday afternoon. No such luck! It just took me an awful lot longer than I though to get the yarn labelled and photographed. And that was without putting the yardage on the labels. I’ll try to do that in future though, I promise.

I am very happy with the results of yesterday’s labour though. Tonight’s update is a bumper one, and I anticipate it breaking all records. I’m particularly excited about the photos, because yesterday I discovered that I’ve been using my camera on the wrong setting for the last year (duh). I changed the setting, and voila! Much better quality photos. The colours are truer, the texture of the yarn shows up better, and you can almost feel the yarn when you look at the photos. See?

Maybe the photos don’t look any better to you, but these came straight from the camera, with no twiddling in Photoshop on the way to the blog. Much twiddling time has been saved this week.

So, the shop preview is now up. Have fun browsing, and I will see you later!

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