Posh Club 2012

Posh Club 2012 (Twice The Fun)

You will get two skeins of yarn, three times throughout the year – March, July, November. These two skeins will be selected as suitable to use together in a project, but could also be used for two separate projects. You will be asked to choose from the following membership plans:

Light weight (mainly lace weight, with perhaps 1 sock weight)
Medium weight (mainly sock weight, with perhaps 1 lace weight *or* dk weight)
Heavy weight (dk weight and aran weight)

Each lot of yarn will be selected from one of the following categories (not everyone will get the same category at the same time, but you will each get one from each category throughout the year):

Matching (two skeins the same colourway)

Coordinating (two skeins from the same colour group, but with subtle variation, so perhaps a solid purple and a variegated purple)

Contrasting (two skeins that are from different colour groups but that work harmoniously together, so perhaps a silver and a grape)

The yarn bases will be varied throughout the year, and will be selected from our range of £12 & £13 yarns. These include:

Daisy (2ply & 4ply)
Diana 2ply
Elinor (sock, DK, aran)
Martha (sock, DK, aran)
Sadie (lace & sock)
Sylvia (2ply, 4ply, DK, aran)
Chloe (lace & DK)
Erin (sock, DK, aran)

Plus any suitable yarns that are added to the range throughout the year.

You will not be able to opt out of any of the choices or colourways, but I will take into consideration any passionate hatred of certain colours (eg yellow!) when selecting your yarn, because I’m very, very nice. The colourways and yarn bases will be limited, like this year’s club, with usually 5-7 skeins per colourway, so not many people will have the same as you. I expect lots of swapping will enhance the fun of the club.

The price! Here’s the important bit. The price of the club for the year will be £90 for UK customers, and £95 for everyone else. This price includes postage. It will be payable in full, upfront.

I will announce the date and time for sign-ups later this month, it will be sometime early December. I need to work out a time that will be fair to everyone, including our Down Under friends. Places will be limited, as this year, but if you don’t get a place, email me and I will add your name to a waiting list. This year I think 6 people got into the club after the spots all closed, due to people dropping out. Where there’s life there’s hope!!!

Ok. I think that is everything, and I’ve worked all the suggestions and requests into this idea. We will also do special updates throughout the year, including a sweater update, probably in January, and others later in the year, so those of you that wanted the sweater club, don’t worry, I’ll make up for it. As for the rare yarns, we’ve got a plan to get our hands on a nice fat shipment of these yarns in the next few months, so watch this space.

While we’re talking about specials and stuff, we’ll be doing two dawn updates before the end of the year, one this month (the last weekend in Nov) and one in Dec.

2 thoughts on “Posh Club 2012

  1. Fantastic!

    I think you’ve covered as many of the options as possible that people wanted, so well done to you – it can’t be at all easy listening to all our assorted ramblings and translating into into something that can be managed sensibly by you!

    Can’t wait…