A Nice Cup Of…..

While I was away I visited a lovely fabric shop / button shop in Chichester, and picked out some pretty pewter buttons. I think these would look adorable on a tweedy cardigan, or maybe adorning the cuff of gloves. I’m offering these as a prize to you, my lovely readers. All you have to do is answer this question:

What’s your favourite tipple at this time of year?

Leave your answer in the comments, and I’ll pick a winner (at random) on Friday.

(By the by, this deliciously velvety looking background is knitted with our Emily yarn. And I heard today that our special order of it will be with us in the next few weeks!!! I. Can’t. Wait. I’ve had a splendid idea for a cardigan design, which I’m determined to work up, and Emily will be perfect for it.)

75 thoughts on “A Nice Cup Of…..

  1. Redcurrant shrub in lemonade – its an old fashioned recipe from Pam Corbins Preserves book, the juice of redcurrants mixed with brandy and sugar, which I then top up with lemonade. Its so nice its hard not to drink a whole bottle over an evening

  2. Gorgeous!

    What I really love to drink at this time of year is Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider, but sadly you can’t get it in the UK.

  3. Those are some adorable buttons! May have to do some googling to find them… Hard to decide what my fave tipple is this time of year (there are so many) but I was just thinking the other day it’s almost time for the Christmas market, and gluhwein. In the meantime, though, hot coffee on a lazy autumn weekend morning is coming in tops for me.

  4. Those are really cute. I can see them adorning a tea cosy too.

    Favourite tipple? Champagne – any time of the year.

  5. Pumpkin spice latte/coffee in the various versions available in different coffee shops this time of year.

  6. Sloe gin, sometimes thinned down with lemonade, goes down a treat as the days and nights get colder and darker – especially as a reminder that this year’s batch needs to be made ready for me to enjoy next year!

  7. I love a good spiced chai this time of year – not too sweet, not too milky, but juuuuuust right!

  8. Tea for me! I have a hidden stock of Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend loose tea that I keep for special occasions or when I need cheering up.

  9. These are really cute!

    I love hot Chai with milk and cinnamon! Warms you up and it feels a bit like Christmas already .

  10. Masala chai… Warms you right up and makes the house smell lovely too. Add a wood fire, a good book, knitting and a comfy chair ( and a cat or two)– paradise on Earth!

  11. My favourite tipple at the moment is white tea – I can drink cup after cup of it. But if you’re after alcohol (and ‘tipple’ does have that connotation, at least for me), then I would plump for a glass of the local aperitif – vin paillé.
    And those buttons are beautiful…

  12. My home made Damson Gin. I shall be bottling this years batch in the next few weeks… Friends and family do tend to demand a lot of it, so I’ve made at least 4 litres of it this year!

  13. I love the cup-and-saucer buttons.

    my favorite drink this time of year is gingertea, from fresh ginger.
    for sweetness I tip a bit of fruity lemonade sirop, like orange, strawberry or blackcurrant in.

  14. I love sitting on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate, if possible with whipped cream, especially this time of the year…

  15. My favourite tipple is ALWAYS tea !
    I drink either green tea with rasberries and rhubarb or rooibos tea with quince!
    There is nothing like a hot cup of tea … is there?

  16. It would have to be a toss-up between a nice glass of port, with that ever so satisfying pop of the cork as you pull it out the bottle, or a good mug of hot whisky (lemon, sugar & cloves please) for that lovely gentle and ever so slightly fuzzy glowy (both of mood and body) feeling.

  17. When the nights start drawing in I love to sit curled up with a hot chocolate, made witha touch of Baileys and covered in whipped cream & dark choc curls. Mmmm yummy!

  18. Tea, as always, is my hands-down favorite. And those wonderful buttons are right on the mark! But hot mulled sweet cider mixed half-and-half with hard cider is lovely on a nippy autumn afternoon.

  19. For me it’s always tea – not any old tea, mind you, but Kusmi tea, which is hard to get over here, so I have to order it regularly from France. My favourite blends are Spicy Chocolate (Chinese black tea flavoured with chocolate and spices), Prince Vladimir (Chinese black tea with citrus and spices) and of course the Christmas Blend (Chinese black tea flavoured with orange, almond and spices).

    ps: lovely buttons by the way – site duly bookmarked – to be revisited asap 🙂

  20. Reading the other favourites is giving me lots of ideas for alternatives, but my favourite is a hazelnut hot chocolate. Smoooooth warming and a nice nuttiness for the season.

  21. I’d have to say a cup of tea! The perfect drink at all times of year but extra comforting in winter. Especially in the giant 3/4 of a pint mugs I have at home.

  22. My favourite tipplefor this time of year is hot chocolate! But I love cider at any time…a nice chilled cider in summer is awesome but maybe a warm spiced cider will go down a treat now that the weather has turned.


  23. Awww so cute!
    My favourite drink at this time of the year? Really spicy chai…. Mmmmmmmmh yumyumyum 🙂

  24. I love herfst thee!
    It has a nice smell of oranges and spices.

    I had to look up again in the dictionary what tipple means! Improving my English 🙂

  25. What absolutely gorgeous buttons!!!!

    I drink Melroses Tea – bright and full flavoured. Or Brodies Edinburgh Tea, very similar. Sometimes Yorkshire Gold or Ringtons (from Newcastle) but these don’t work as well with Scottish water.

    I’m a northerner and I need a good strong pot of tea (in bone china pot and matching tea cups/milk jug of course!!) with a pretty tea cosy 🙂

  26. Gotta be Yorkshire Tea!! in a bone china mug – no sugar and just a soupçon of milk. And you have to have a tea cosy for the 2nd cuppa!

  27. Sloe gin! My 2009 batch has mellowed perfectly and I still have a little left. Didn’t make any last year, so I’ll have to do double this season to make up for it 🙂

  28. Sweet buttons and the emily – yum.

    Favourites – sweet ginger tea or chartreuse as night cap in front of teh woodburner.

  29. I would love to have a glass of Pommeau, if I could get it here. We did drink a lot of it when we lived in France.

    (Pommeau is made in northern France by mixing apple must with one year old Calvados.)

  30. Hooray for more Emily! Excellent news.

    And I am not going to miss a chance to try for those adorable buttons… I’m drinking a lot of Milo. Back in SA it’s an established staple (kind of Ovaltiney, but more chocolate than malt, and with a crunchy texture), here I was excited to find it in the World Foods aisle at Tesco.

  31. ‘fraid its just water or cola for me but could be persuaded to put a wee vodka in there if I’m out enjoying myself.

  32. We’re heading towards summer here so I’m drinking Bundaberg ginger beer (practically no alcohol) but I like a nice masala chai or Buddha’s tears tea when I feel in need of some spoiling

    And I love these cute buttons!

  33. ooo emily, one of my favourites. Drink wise I’d say mulled cider goes well with bonfire night and crisp autum days.

  34. On A Cold Winters Night!


    Kahlua and Peppermint Schnapps to a glass of hot chocolate is incredibly delicious, and one of the most popular drinks to have before going to sleep.

    Similarly, warm hard apple cider is incredibly popular over the holidays, and it is well known throughout the community. But for those looking for some slightly more unique beverages, here are a few that should satisfy your craving.

    Hot Buttered Cow
    You will need 1lb of brown sugar, ¼ a pound of butter, a half teaspoon of vanilla and cinnamon, and a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg, cloves, mace and allspice.

    Mix the sugar and the butter until fluffy, then beat in the rest of the spices. Warm a mug and add the batter to the mug, then add ½ ounces of warm dark rum. To finish it off, fill the rest of the glass with heated milk.

    Hot Brandy Totty
    Put a sugar cube in a coffee mug. Fill the mug 2/3’s full with boiling water and top it off with 2 ounces of brandy. Some people add vanilla, though this is not necessary. This drink is easy to make and incredibly warming.

    Hot Almond Chocolate
    Also simple to create, brew some hot chocolate and add ½ oz of Amaretto and 2 ounces of butterscotch schnapps. Great for snowy evenings.


  35. If I’m really pushing the boat out I have a decaffeinated tea and a drop of semi skimmed in a very large mug.
    If the sun’s over the yard arm my tipple is usually tap water. Not very interesting I know, but you have to admit I’d be a very inexpensive date.

  36. Love going for long family walks, a flask of mulled wine diluted with cranberry juice is a must. Allows the driver and son to join in x

  37. Super cute buttons!

    My favourite drink this time of year is tea. I love tea all the time, but it’s especially wonderful when it’s grey and windy.

  38. Love the buttons and hope you had a good break.

    My fave tipple this time of year is a tricky one. Either warm Gluhwein or hot choccy with a dash of brandy or whisky and topped with a marshmallow and some whipped cream. Either will warm you right down to your toes!

  39. I don’t drink much tea during the summer. So when the fall comes my tea drinking burst out of control. I have over 30 different flavours of tea at any given time at hand.

  40. I drink a lot of tea, especially after our visit to China 2 years ago. I got some new favorites there.
    I also like mulled and spiced wine (“glögg” as we say in Sweden) this time of year and particularly in December and when it´s Christmas.

  41. Oh, that’ easy! This is the season when I move everything on my schedule to allow for a short road-trip, just for Pumpkin Doughnuts & hot mulled cider! Mmm! (Must get my photos up!)

  42. These buttons are so beautiful….
    My favourite drink this time of year is orange juice !!! why… I don’t know, I just want to drink this tipple, perhaps because of Vitamin C 😉

  43. Hot chocolate – especially something made from melting actual chocolate rather than using powder.

  44. Normally my answer would be something creamy, like hot chocolate with Baileys, but I’ve had a wretched cold all this week and have been drinking hot Ribena by the gallon, so that’s my answer! 😀 x

  45. My husband’s hot chocolate – full fat milk, gourmet cocoa powder, cinnamon, chili pepper, sugar and some secret ingredients he won’t tell me.

    Although I confess I’m looking forward to the homebrewed blackberry wine being ready to drink!

  46. A big toss-up between a cup of tea, a glass of a hearty red wine, or a scotch on the rocks/whiskey on ice, but since the most exciting thing I drink these days is a glass of hot water I’d be take almost anything,

  47. Oooh – cup (or even a mug – but either way, it has to be bone china!!) of Earl Grey, not only this time of the year – but year round.

    The buttons are very cute!

  48. I love tea any time of year, but when the weather gets cooler, a nice mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream is extra cozy!

  49. My favourite beverage is drinking chocolate with a kick: stir some grated dark chocolate (Green and Black’s 85% cocoa solids) into got milk, add some dark brown demarara sugar, a tea spoon of honey, a pinch each of cinnamon and chilli powder, and a good slug of Jack Daniels, then squirt some cream on top and dust with more grated chocolate! Then to bed XX