Bits & Bobs

My thoughts are very scattered today, too much so for a coherent blog post. I’m still trying to shake off this virus – it seems to be lodged in my chest at the moment. Ugh. Anyway. Here are some of the snippets from my world lately.

  • I finished Tony’s grey cable knit cardigan last week. IT FITS!! HE LOVES IT!!!! My first big success, after 4 attempts at pleasing him. Whew. I am never knitting with grey yarn again though. No sir. Photos coming soon. Of course, the weather has been too hot for him to wear it!
  • Now I’m cracking on with my Snowbird in Emily. Man, I love this yarn. I wish the order would hurry up and get here. I want everyone to feel the Emily love.
  • Also, I have been sewing. My first ever attempt at dress making! It’s going really really well. Everyone I talked to about my pattern choice was dubious about attempting godets as a beginner. Ha! I showed them. I sailed through. The worst moment was when, while trimming the seam edges with pinking shears yesterday, I cut right through one of the skirt panels. Gah. But I fixed it. Just got the zip and waistband and hem to do now. It’s looking good!!
  • Next on the planner: a quilt. We’ve decided to revamp our bedroom in the spring, with bright zingy colours, instead of the gentle shabby chic look we’ve got at the moment. So I’m getting a jump on it by starting a quilt now. Here’s the inspiration – one side will be the Stacked Coins design, but with wider white sashing, I think. I do love lots of white space in a quilt, especially a colourful one. The other side will be a solid cloth, either orange or bright turquoise, with one row of log cabin blocks, in coordinating fabric to the front. The solid cloth will also bind the quilt, I think. The fabric bundles are the ones I’ve selected, Moda Lollipop and Chrysalis. I also bought Moda It’s A Hoot, and I may use some of the fabrics from that too.

  • 12 days until we go to France! There will be a shop update this Sunday, then a week off, then one on Sunday October 23rd.
  • Best meal ever. Red cabbage, onion, apples, with red wine, vinegar, brown sugar, spices, in a lidded casserole, with sausages tucked in the top, and slow baked for 2-3 hours, served with fresh granary bread and horseradish sauce. Sooooooooooooooo good.
  • This Indian summer is all well and good, but I’m a little tired of the armies of insects that keep marching into our house. Roll on the first frost.


3 thoughts on “Bits & Bobs

  1. Congrats on the finished – and successful! – cardigan.

    I have also been attracted to quilting lately (years ago I did lots of sewing – haven’t done much lately) and bought a couple of fabric bundles a few weeks ago. Maybe you getting started will inspire me to actually DO SOMETHING with them!

  2. Ha, quilting ! I just dragged my sewing machine out today, it was just too hot for knitting ! Just a suggestion for the quilt: the vivid colours from your fabric bundles look very cheery and bright and I like the idea of a solid orange colour as back and a solid colour for binding, but I think a white sashing will probably give a too harsh a contrast. Just imagine a very pale pearl grey or a cream, the palest taupe or a very pale duck egg (that would then go nicely with a turqoise back) or similar subtle toned fabrics. A pure white often takes away the vividness and brightness (whereas a black brings the colours to a real glow on the opposite). Hope to see some WIP soon !