Autumn Walk

We like to take a litle wander in the evening,after dinner. Sometimes down to the beach, but more usually across the fields and into the little woodland that skirts the lilyponds. It’s a crime to live so close to so many wonderful beaches and not really like them, but I don’t. I like trees and copses and woodland and rivers and streams, rather than wide open stretches of sand and ocean. Anyway. Want to come for a little walk with us? It’s a lovely evening for it, cool and crisp and with a gentle autumnal flavour in the air…..

I love the colour of the sky in autumn. It’s such a mellow deep soothing blue.

Note to self: come back in a couple of weeks when the blackberries have ripened.

I think they call this Old Man’s Beard. Yes?

One last brave sprig of honeysuckle, a last halloo to summer.

Mmm. I’m thinking blackberry crumble.

Plenty of goodies for the birds too.

Mmmmm, now I’m thinking blackberry & apple crumble……….

Berry bokeh.

Do you love moss as much as I love moss?

The woodland beckons…..

And Tony has got tired of waiting for me while I take 1047 photos of moss.

Just one more, I promise…….

This makes me want to roll, like a pony at pasture……

I’ve always been told that lots of berries early in the year predict a cold winter. I hope that’s not true.

I think I’d like to get married again and have my wedding procession down this grassy aisle.


The dark is falling, the woods are glowering, better leave before some goblin comes out and turns us into a wizened stump…..


Ooh, look, a branch swing! Just high enough to take my feet off the floor and……

Uh oh…….

OH NO!!!!!!!



“I’m ok, I’m ok.”

No more photos that evening, I was laughing too hard to hold the camera steady………

15 thoughts on “Autumn Walk

  1. I was enjoying the lovely pictures & mentally walking along with you (must find somewhere local with blackberries), and then I just about spit out my tea. That’s a great series of shot’s & Tony’s a good sport for letting you post them.

  2. Hehehe, Thank you for the chuckles! (Love the mossy pics too)
    Perhaps you could print the ones of Tony and make a little flip book…or perhaps arty black and white prints for your hallway? Or pic number four on a mug? Just some Christmas ideas for your husband. ;P

  3. Great set of photos.I loved the tree ones and the moss.Thanks for sharing the ones of Tony.Hope he was OK but they were very funny.We do tend to take for granted the scenery that is on our doorstep.We have been to Conway today and that is such a treasure.
    I got my wool this morning.That is so quick and it is wonderful.I love the tweedy Erin.That will be wound and go with me to France on Sunday for my “in car” knitting socks.

  4. LOL those pictures of Tony are fabulous, they have cheered up my day! Would live to see some pictures of the lily ponds sometime πŸ™‚ x

  5. I loved all your photos and couldn’t help smiling at those of Tony – sure hope he is okay!
    Like you I don’t enjoy beaches much and find it a bit hard to understand the attraction to all those empty miles of sand. However, a brief spell there is okay, but I totally understand you when it comes to the woodlands and pastures ….
    Oy: where are those other 1.046 photos of moss ? πŸ˜‰
    Thank you so much for this WAL (walk-a-long) … x

  6. This man is misunderstood ! Just watch: He has his sporty clothes on. He in fact is training for the London 2012 olympics. A perfect Fosbury flop. Quite perfect. Quite. Perfect.

    Thanks for sharing, hope, heΒ΄s in top form for the next Sunday batch ;-)) !

  7. Glad Tony wasn’t hurt! You live in such a beautiful, green place. Thanks for all the lovely photos.

  8. Oh poor Tony, his face is a picture!

    It’s no wonder your yarn colours are so beautiful with that glorious haven on your doorstep to provide inspiration! Mosses and lichens are lovely too, how can they mix such wonderful textures with all those shades? I’m quite envious of you! Although maybe not of the bruised body and ego of Tony πŸ™‚