In A Nutshell

Life is very very simple. I know, it doesn’t feel that way most of the time, but it is. We try to complicate it, and we do a good job, but in the end, it’s very simple.

Love, and be loved.

That’s all it is. That what it boils down to.

Never mind money, the acquisition of goods. Forget fame, power, notoriety, recognition. Don’t worry about your looks, beauty, whether you look your age. Intellect, wit, creativity, talent, you can do without. Stop looking for pedestals, for kudos, for prestige.

Love, and be loved.

That’s all there is. All there is that truly matters. If you love someone, something, it is enough. If someone loves you, it is enough. Make choices that lead you to love, that allow it to take first place in your life. Don’t sacrifice love for anything else, it’s a choice you will always regret making. To love and to be loved, is the ultimate goal. It’s what everything else boils down to, when you strip away the frills and the illusions. You want to be beautiful, why?  To be loved. You want fame, why? To be loved. Skip the middle man, go straight to the point, realise that all goals eventually lead to the same destination, and you’ll get there a whole lot quicker if you head straight towards it instead of meandering and wandering around and around in search of something else. Put your energy into what is worthwhile, showing love, and receiving it. Family love, friendship love, romantic love, community love, spiritual love.  

Beautifully simple, isn’t it? Everything else falls away, in the face of such clear simplicity. So much suffering, so much fear, so much pain, so much regret, could be saved if we learn this life lesson sooner rather than later.

Love, and be loved. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

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