Adverts You’ll Never See Again…..

My sister just sent me this hilarious email, full of old adverts, and it made me laugh so much I may need to go lay down for a while.

9 thoughts on “Adverts You’ll Never See Again…..

  1. Those are hilarious! What’s scary is that some of them don’t look that old 🙁

    Do you think if I had an alpaca catologue the “crying just a little” would work on my husband?

  2. The gun is unquestionably the best. It’s hard to see how that could *ever* have looked like a smart marketing idea. I’m fascinated that there are TWO ads connecting housework with sex appeal via vitamins! How bizarre…

    Beer for breastfeeding, though, that’s not such a bad idea. Though of course I prefer champagne.

  3. Oh whoa …. from the days when all a ‘little’ wife needed was some household appliance !
    This brings back memories of old films 😉
    Don’t think the crying a little bit will work these days though …

  4. Brilliant – just showed them to my 22yr old daughter who was alternately gasping or giggling at them!

  5. Hilarous! I’ll remember to have a case of beer in the house for my maternity leave, and always feed my baby coke and cocaine drops against the toothache that arises from the coke… After I’ve put a Hoover and a toaster on my wish list for Christmas that is.

  6. Buying your wife household appliances for Christmas? That will have been the original Extreme Sport, then!

  7. Love these! Bit scary the kinds of things people thought of as good ideas! Wonder how people in the future will view our adverts now!