Something went wrong with the world when people stopped making things for themselves. Relying on commerce for everything is no way to live. Learning crafts and skills is integral for human happiness. Watching television is not a hobby, it vegetates the mind, instead of refreshing it. Feeling productive, skilled, useful is not really optional – not having some outlet for this basic human need results in frustration and discontent. The happiest people are busy people, but busy in the right areas of life, creative and constructive.

Nurture your creative side, and protect it fiercely. Cook, sew, paint, knit, embroider, spin, weave, garden, sculpt, crochet. Keep learning new skills and trying new things. Be excited, be open. Encourage others to do the same.

This is where happiness and contentment and peace of mind lie. In our very hands. 

6 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. How very true this is !

    I stopped watching TV three years ago and am consequent about it- and I don´t miss it at all. It is much more fun to try a new recipe or learn a new knitting technique, the results are much more rewarding and it keeps not only one´s hands busy but the brain as well which is a good thing in keeping it ´s functions running smoothly when you get older.

    My Gran is now 96 and she still knits socks with simple patterns. Every pair marks another victory over boredom and self-pity. And no, she doesnt´t watch TV either.

  2. Well said – this is very true, and I wish more people realised this. Sadly the only people who will pay attention are those who already know this.

  3. A wealth of wisdom here, but I can’t write off TV when there are so many stellar HBO presentations. BOARDWALK EMPIRE and MILDRED PIERCE are two examples of sophisticated, intelligent, magnificently produced drama—made all the more enjoyable when one’s hands are busy with knitting.

  4. I can’t write off TV.There are things on there that stimulate the’s not all rubbish.You just have to be selective.BUT I am always knitting/crocheting etc while I am watching.As I get older I deliberately make myself be challenged with patterns,new techniques etc.(but I have not met the Ifigenia challenge yet-too many other things going on-OH has been in hospital etc-lots of stress).

  5. I get many envious looks when knitting on the tube (when I can get a seat – ha!) – lots of people take e-readers (me included) and books but there is something v special about creating something and tbh I feel a bit smug that I am using my time like that!

    But I am also glad that we don’t have to make everything – having to work to support my family it’s a real luxury that I can use my spare time to enjoy making things out of gorgeous materials.