Blankety Blank

I’m having a complete blog block at the moment. Help! What can I blog about?!

5 thoughts on “Blankety Blank

  1. have a contest?
    ask customers to tell you their favourite item made with your yarn and why?
    ask for favourite books?
    favourite staycation?
    umm that’s me out of ideas, don’t know how you do it every time!

  2. Lists are good:

    Things that make you happy
    Things you’re reading/doing/making
    Things you want to read/do/make

    Or a fashion post? I love when you put together things from the catalogues and websites, and the autumn ranges are starting to come out.

  3. Get to know the man behind the pots !
    What´s Tony´s inspiration ?
    His favourite colour(s) ?
    Which colour is most hated ? And why ?
    His fave yarn quality to work with ?
    Does he have a finished (!) fave garment made by you and what does it look like ?
    His fave leisure, when he doesn´t squirt plastic bottles ?
    Does he really like cats ???
    He loves singing- which tune ?
    I´m sure there will be even more interesting facts about Mr.Posh.

  4. where do you get the yarn names from
    how much gallons of dye you use and what your craftroom/kitchen looks like.
    what are the most eccentric type of yarn you ever dyed or wanted to dye.
    what do you do if no colourway inspiration pops in mind ?