Shop Update 07.08.11

This week’s shop preview is up earlier than usual. I had a terrible time with the photos today, partly because its very sunny, and partly because there are lots of pale subtle colourways. Sorry about that.

Hope you like it! Here’s the preview, and here is the Flickr set. We’re back to our normal 8pm update time this week. Here’s the full set in all its glory……

One thought on “Shop Update 07.08.11

  1. Really lovely colours! I’m setting my alarm on yarn-time to make sure not to miss out!
    I am also wondering if there in the future might be possible with yarn dyed in more than 5 skeins to make possible for an entire cardigan? Fall is coming and what could be better than to knit an entire cardigan in dk or aran-weight from Posh Yarn?