Special Shop Update 25.06.11

So, we’ve got TWO special updates for you this weekend! Saturday at 5am (UK time, that’s GMT+1) – yes, 5 in the morning! – we have a shop update for customers who find the usual Sunday evening time slot hard to manage. I’m not prohibiting anyone from shopping, but if you are a regular, you might want to give the others a bit of a head start. For Posh customer in places like Australia and New Zealand, the normal time slot of 8pm Sunday is 3 or 4am Monday morning, and you will admit that it would take quite a devoted customer to shop at that time every week! So we’ll give them the advantage this week. The shop preview for this update is now up, and you can see the screenshot of the Flickr set below.

In addition, we have a shop update at the normal time of 8pm Sunday, but it’s a special Orphan Skein update. There won’t be any photos or colour descriptions with this update, as it’s a sort of lucky dip, but you will know what type of yarn you are buying (ie Elinor) and each skein will be 20% off the normal price. There is only 1 skein per colourway, so if you buy more than one skein in a yarn base, you will not get matching skeins.

Most of the skeins have been overdyed, so they are either dark or very saturated. But on the plus side, the colourways have that complexity and depth that you get from overdyed yarn. There are also a few lighter skeins that ended up as orphans for one reason or another……

You can see the preview for this update here, and I will move this to the shop page once the Saturday morning update has sold out.

Phew. I need a lie down in readiness.

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