4 thoughts on “A Nice Day For A White Wedding

  1. Dee, you look so beautiful and elegant, and happy. Just bllomin’ gorgeous! Thank you for such lovely photos of a special day.

  2. What a beautiful bride and family. Are you sisters? Your colouring is so similar. You look absolutely gorgeous and totally elegant. I too am what you would call curvy (in the extreme) and not entirely happy with myself but am trying to battle against my demon depression at the moment whilst continuing to work. What I really want to do is hide in the corner by myself and simply knit myself better. Anyhow, enough of my woes.

    You seem such a lovely human being – be proud of yourself.

    Kindest wishes.

  3. Thanks for posting photos, Dee, hoped you would. Looks like a great day, Rachel looks absolutely gorgeous and so happy. Be strange for you all not to have her around now,eh? You looked lovely too, glad you feeling better. See you when I’m down next. Jane xx