Good morning, lovely Poshies! Let’s get our week off to a bright start, with 10% off everything in the shop!

Let me tell you some of my favourites of what’s currently available.
Miranda Heavy Lace, A Smile That Could Light Up The World – this is a really unusual one, because the chocolatey undertones change with the angle of light, it’s an unusual twist on iridescence. That makes the pink tones really pop – no, that’s not the right word, because they aren’t bright. Let’s say, the chocolate undertones brings out the pink in a really unique way. This is a combination I haven’t quite seen before, not in this base (Miranda always brings out colours in a unique way, because the alpaca and cashmere absorb the light, and the silk bounces it back).
Alyssa Sock, Hot Mess In A Party Dress – because I’m a child of the 80s, and this colour/name combination just makes me laugh!
Alyssa Sock, Endless Summer Days – there is something so soothing and mellow about this one; you might not think it about a green/yellow colourway, but I think this would look good on just about anyone, yes, even us blondes, to whom yellows are not always friendly!
Elinor Sock, Dance Around And Be Free – this is almost confetti dyed, it’s such a wonderfully playful colourway, I can’t wait to see it knitted up, how all the colours will play off each other.
Ophelia Sock, Roots Before Branches – neutrals may seem dull, when compared with Tony’s magnificently saturated colourways, but you all know, Tony doesn’t do dull, and this is a great example of how a well dyed neutral can have real depth and interest. It changes with the light, and whether you end up using it on its own, or as a contrast to another colour, I think the finished item would look very sophisticated.
Goodness, that was so hard to narrow down!!!!!!!!!