We’ve been doing our best to hang on to the postal charges that were set in 2014, but unfortunately, costs have risen so much that I’m forced to put them up now, 3 years later. I’m sure you understand, much as I hate to do it, it’s a necessity. This change will come into force with immediate effect.

As usual, this is a fixed rate, no matter how much you purchase. The new postage rates will be:

£3.25 – UK (that is £2.71 plus VAT)
£4.25 – Europe (£3.54 plus VAT for EU customers, £4.25 for non-EU, but still in Europe customers, ie Norway & Switzerland)
£6.00 – International

On a happier note, we have a beautiful new base for you this week!

Fleur Heavy Lace, 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk, 650 yards / 600m per 100g, £13.00 (£15.60 including VAT).