Before we close, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support & friendship over the last year. You make our work a real joy, and we are so grateful. We will be officially closed now until January 1st, on which date we will have our annual January Sale update, so you can look forward to the preview of that, around December 30th. Take care of yourselves until then!!


Okay, Meg thinks she has pinpointed the technical issue, and we are going to go ahead with the update tonight, at 7pm. But to be on the safe side, we are disabling the automatic payment facility, so you will be able to shop, but you won’t be redirected to Paypal to pay. I will manually invoice everyone instead. Doing it this way will ensure that nobody pays for yarn that is actually unavailable, and it will also mean that Meg can closely monitor the server processes.

UPDATE at 9pm:

Okay, it seems that everything is fixed, I’m not seeing any anomalies, and so we are switching Paypal back on, so if you make any purchases from now on, you should be able to proceed to payment, as usual.

I can’t thank you all enough, for your patience and good humour over this update – and especially those of you who missed out, I really am so sorry for the disappointment.


Okay, we’ve had a real technical issue with the shop tonight. Many of the colourways have grossly oversold, and we need more time to work out what has gone wrong. I have conferred with Meg & with Tony, and we feel that the best solution right now is to refund EVERYONE, call off the update, and hopefully reschedule it for tomorrow night. I do realise how disappointing that is if you think you got the yarn you wanted, but it seems the most sensible and all-round fairest solution.