I’ve got lots of news for you today! First of all, we’ve got two new bases for you!

Constance Lace

A lace weight yarn, made from ultra fine (17.5 Micron) pure merino, NOT superwash, 875 yards (800m) per 100g. £13.20 (including VAT), £11 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

Yvette Lace

A lace weight yarn, made from 65% baby alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere, 5% Stellina sparkle. 875 yards (800m) per 100g. £16.50 (including VAT), £13.75 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

Here’s our October update schedule! Pay close attention, because I’ve slightly switched the order of weeks, from what I told you last week. Just for October. Sorry!! I’m keeping you on your toes. 😀

Week One: Lace Week – 5th October 2014

Diana Cobweb
Kirsten Cobweb
Diana Lace
Eva Lace
Miranda Lace
Robynn Lace
Sophia Lace
Heather Heavy Lace
Kirsten Heavy Lace
Natasha Heavy Lace
Valerie Heavy Lace

Week Two: Sock Week – 12th October 2014

Betsy Sock
Eva Sock
Jeannie Sock
Kirsten Sock
Miranda Sock
Natasha Sock
Ophelia Sock
Sophia Sock
Sylvia Sock

Week Three: Medley Week – 19th October 2014

Audrey Lace (the very last stock)
Constance Lace
Delilah Lace
Eva Lace
Sophia Lace
Yvette Lace
Heather Heavy Lace
Valerie Heavy Lace
Audrey Sock (the very last stock)
Delilah Sock
Eva Sock
Sophia Sock

Week Four: Sweater Week & Extras – 26th & 27th October 2014

Betsy Sock
Kirsten Sock
Miranda Sock
Ophelia Sock
Betsy DK
Kirsten DK
Martha DK
Elinor Aran
Florence Aran
Miranda Aran

Please note, this week is Sweater PACK week. That means that each colourway will be sold in one pack. The update will be on Saturday at 7pm. The leftovers, plus orphans, will be listed on Sunday at 7pm.

If you are unfamiliar with how our Sweater Pack updates work, here’s what you need to know.

When you buy a sweater pack, you reserve the entire number of skeins in that pack. The minimum you can have from a pack is 5 skeins. Although most of the packs have 10 skeins in them, some may have less (8 or 9 skeins). You’ll see a note next to each item, telling you the number of skeins that are available in that pack. Please note, the pack is listed as one item in the stock levels, so you don’t need to change the amount to the number of skeins you want – just click add to basket to secure the whole pack. If you try to add more than one, it will tell you that you can’t!

If you want all of those skeins, you can go ahead and pay for them straight away. If you only want a certain number of skeins, you will need to email me with the number of skeins you require (as long as you complete Checkout, you have secured the yarn, whether you pay or not). I will then send you a Paypal invoice for the correct amount.

Postage will be the same as usual, £3.25 for UK customers, £4.25 for European customers (whether you are in the EU or not), and £6.25 for international customers.

On Sunday night at 7pm we will hold a second update, listing the remainders from the sweater packs (sold as usual, by the individual skein). There will be a preview for this update sometime on Sunday. This update will also include orphans, since they seem to be taking over the yarn room at the moment!! So this whole weekend will be a giant yarn spree!


We have a scrumptiously autumnal selection for you this week! We’re on Sweater Weight Week, so get your cozy on….

Looking ahead, we’ve recently been reviewing the way we do our scheduled updates, and considering whether it is still working well for us. I know how much you like that way of doing updates, and I was grateful for your input on that when I asked you to vote on whether to keep the scheduled updates going. At the same time, we have to consider whether it is working for us, and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not working as well as we would like. The current scheduling is quite restrictive. I try to keep a really good range of bases available, and that involves buying from several suppliers. Some of the bases are custom spun for us, and we have to order large amounts. What this has resulted in, behind the scenes, is a backlog of stock, and it’s beginning to take over! We only have a small home, and a small workshop/storeroom, and I swear the yarn is multiplying!! Besides the practical side, I feel we are a bit creatively restricted by the schedule.

So, after weighing up lots of options, we have come to the following decision. As usual, attempting to please all of the people all of the time!

From October 2014, we will amalgamate the Regular Range and Occasional Range back together. The current scheduling will carry on, but with a little tweak. This is how it will run:

Week One: Lace Week (cobweb to heavy lace)
Week Two: Sock Week (sock weight)
Week Three: Sweater Weight Week (heavy lace to aran)
Week Four: Medley Week (all sorts, this is my week to have a bit of fun!)
Week Five: (if there is one) Wildcard Week

I will continue to let you know, at the start of each month, what bases will be coming up throughout the month, but I may tweak that as the month progresses (if I do, it will only be minor tweaks). I may also occasionally tweak the update order, *maybe*, depending on our plans. But in general it will remain as above. To keep things interesting for all of us, I may adapt the weeks for special extras. For example, in October, Sweater Week is actually going to be sweater packs (more on that later), on the Saturday night, with the leftovers and orphans on the Sunday night. I will always let you know well in advance what the plan is.

I hope that all sounds acceptable to you, and that you understand our need to sometimes adapt and change things up a bit. Although we are amalgamating the regular and occasional range back into one, we will continue to feature the regular yarns more heavily, they are bread & butter yarns. But a sprinkling of cake never goes amiss, right?



Okay! We have been doing some experimentation with the gift vouchers, and found that the recipient doesn’t actually need a redemption code. If you buy a gift voucher for someone, when they purchase something from us, and pay from that same email address, during the payment process on Paypal they will see an option to redeem the voucher. So, if your recipient didn’t receive the voucher by email from Paypal, we can still email her to let her know she has a voucher, the value of it, and how to redeem.

This still isn’t ideal, but we’re looking at our options for an alternative system now.


There seems to be some technical issue with the Paypal gift voucher system, when it comes to future dates vouchers (ie, you want them delivered on a future date). I’ve had three vouchers this week, not delivered on the date requested, and it’s really difficult for me to fix, because I don’t have access to the voucher redemption code, only the recipient sees that. So my hands are a bit tied in helping resolve the issue. We are looking into it, and if we can’t resolve it, I think we will have to suspend the Paypal voucher system until it is either fixed, or we find an alternative.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am, and disappointed on the behalf of those who have been let down by it. Until we say otherwise, can I please ask you all to refrain from ordering a future delivered voucher, please only use the system for a voucher that is to be delivered immediately (as that seems to be working without issue). If you don’t want the recipient to receive their voucher immediately, please choose the option to print the voucher – that way you immediately get the redemption code.


We’ve got a special update for you this week! Recently we had to discontinue our cashmere/silk base, Audrey Lace & Sock. But I managed to secure the very last 50kg (which had been allocated to another dyer, who changed their mind, yay!) – it won’t all be on this update, but the majority of it will. I’m doing it at the reduced price we did before, £18 a skein. The last of it (about 10kg) will go on October’s Occasional Week (also at £18 a skein). And then it really, truly, definitely, is gone.

So, this week’s special preview is now up!