We’ve got a slightly smaller update for you this week, small but perfectly formed! I had some trouble with the photographs, so I implore you, please take the time to read the descriptions. I know blurb is boring, but it’s very necessary if you are to get an accurate idea of the colourway.


It is with great reluctance that I write this post, but unfortunately it is necessary. If you purchase something from our shop, you are committed to it even without paying for it. I do understand that sometimes mistakes are made, and I don’t mind cancelling purchases when requested, if absolutely necessary. But it is very frustrating when someone makes a purchase, doesn’t pay, and then ignores repeated emails and payment requests from Paypal. This seems to be happening more frequently now, and yarn just sits here for weeks while I try to track down the purchaser.

So, from now on, if I don’t get a response to either emails or Paypal invoice within a week, the sale will be cancelled and your yarn will go back up for sale. If something has gone wrong, and you really don’t want the yarn, please just contact me, I will be very understanding.