Sunglasses at the ready? This week’s preview is up! Lots of fabulous colour to blow the February greys away.

Don’t forget that the new postage rates are in force now, so it’s £2.75 for UK, £3.75 for Europe, £5.25 for everywhere else (but there will be no free post on leftovers).

We’re still working through stocks of yarn, so this update contains bases from both of our ranges, regular and occasional. It also includes the last of our stock of Olivia, which I have discontinued.

Phew, I think that’s everything!!!


More changes for you!

Our yarn range had become a bit bloated, and confusing. We’ve decided to change things, by splitting it into two ranges – Regular and Occasional. The regular range will form the core of our updates. The occasional range will be offered less frequently. I have also discontinued completely a few bases, namely Daisy, Imogen, Mimi.

You can see the new yarn ranges here.

Our last, and biggest change. Up to now, our weekly updates have included bases from all our yarn weights, from cobweb to chunky. With such a huge range (nearly 70 bases) the selection was constantly changing, and a little unpredictable. While that can be fun sometimes, and we all like a few impulse buys in our lives, at other times you need to know what’s coming up, so you can plan projects and purchases.

With that in mind, we are changing the way we do our updates (on a trial basis). The updates will be more focused, and you will have an idea of what is coming up, well in advance. Here’s how it’s going to work:

Week One:
**Lace Week** (including cobweb, lace, and heavy lace, from the Regular Range)

Week Two:
**Sock Week** (just sock weight, from the Regular Range)

Week Three:
**Heavy Week** (including sport, DK, and aran, from the Regular Range)

Week Four:
**Occasional Week** (including bases in a range of weights, from the Occasional Range)

Week Five (if there is a fifth weekend in the month):
**Wildcard Week** (this could be anything, an orphan update, a sweater pack update, who knows!)

I’m hoping that by making these changes, our updates will still be fun, but also include some predictability, so that you can plan ahead for them. As I’ve said, this will be done on a trial basis, for three months, then we’ll take stock and see how you are liking it.

We still have quite a lot of yarn in stock, so I don’t think we will be implementing the new changes until March. In the meantime, the updates will continue as they are now, with a wide range of bases and weights. (But the postage rate change is immediate.)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!


Oooh, it’s time for a big shake up!! Things have become a little, dare I say it? Dull. Stale. Same old same old.

So, we’ve got some big, fun, wonderful changes coming up for you. I’ll be rolling them out later this month, or perhaps the start of March, but I’ll tell you all about it later this week. Don’t worry, you’re going to like it! The core of Posh is Tony’s dyeing, and the weekly updates, and that won’t be changing at all. We’re just going to shake up the update format a bit, to make it more enjoyable.

There is one big change, which will commence immediately following the current update (so from the 08.02.14 update onwards). We are reducing our postage prices, across the board. At the same time, there will be no more free post offered on leftovers. So you’ll pay the base rate, as now, no matter how much you purchase (or when). The new postage rates will be:

**£2.75** – UK (£2.29 plus VAT)
**£3.75** – Europe (£3.13 plus VAT for EU customers, £3.75 for non-EU, but still in Europe)
**£5.25** – International

Watch this space for more news later in the week!