We’ve now made it easier for you and your loved ones to buy Posh Yarn gift vouchers. The gift voucher system is now being run through Paypal. This does mean that you need a Paypal account to use the system, but you’ll find it worthwhile, I promise. The voucher balance is recorded in your own Paypal account, so you can easily see how much you have left to spend at any time. When you want to use your balance, you shop as normal, and proceed to Paypal as normal, and then enter your gift voucher code to use your balance. It’s easier than it sounds! The giver doesn’t have to have a Paypal account, and it’s a very quick and easy process to buy a voucher, allowing you to include your own personalised message, and have the voucher either emailed to the recipient, or printed out to give in person.

You can find the new gift voucher page here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


This week’s preview (for the Sweater Pack update) is now up!

We’re introducing some new yarn bases in this shop update.

Gretchen DK

A high twist dk yarn, made from 55% superwash BFL, 45% silk. 230 yards (212m) per 100g. Recommended needle size is 4mm (US 6). £14.40 (including VAT), £12.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

Vivienne Chunky (limited edition)

A chunky weight single slub yarn, made from 75% wool, 15% mohair, 10% silk. 87 yards (80m) per 100g. £13.20 (including VAT), £11.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.

Patricia Aran

An aran yarn, made from 85% Falkland merino, 15% silk. 170 yards (155m) per 100g. Recommended needle size is 5mm (US 8). £15.60 (including VAT), £13.00 (excluding VAT) per 100g skein.


This week’s update (Dec 7th 2013) will be a Sweater Pack update!! If you are unfamiliar with how our Sweater Pack updates work, here’s what you need to know.

When you buy a sweater pack, you reserve the entire number of skeins in that pack. The minimum you can have from a pack is 5 skeins. Although most of the packs have 10 skeins in them, some may have less (8 or 9 skeins). You’ll see a note next to each item, telling you the number of skeins that are available in that pack. Please note, the pack is listed as one item in the stock levels, so you don’t need to change the amount to the number of skeins you want – just click add to basket to secure the whole pack. If you try to add more than one, it will tell you that you can’t!

If you want all of those skeins, you can go ahead and pay for them straight away. If you only want a certain number of skeins, you will need to email me with the number of skeins you require (as long as you complete Checkout, you have secured the yarn, whether you pay or not). I will then send you a Paypal invoice for the correct amount.

Postage will be the same as usual, £3.25 for UK customers, £4.25 for European customers (whether you are in the EU or not), and £6.25 for international customers.

On Sunday night at 7pm we will hold a second update, listing the remainders from the sweater packs (sold as usual, by the individual skein). There will be a preview for this update sometime on Sunday.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!