A little note for customers outside the EU who are buying yarn (as in actually paying for it) for someone else within the UK or EU, whether that’s for a gift, a swap, whatever. It’s important that you don’t actually pay for the yarn, as the way Paypal is set up, you will not be charged VAT on your purchase if you are outside the EU. But because the yarn is being sent to someone within the EU, VAT **must** be paid. It’s all about where the yarn will end up, rather than where you are located when purchasing/paying.

So to get around this, Meg has added an extra option on the ‘Order Complete’ page, that allows you to request an invoice. If you are using this option for the reason above, you will need to let me know via email or pm, so that I know to manually add VAT to your invoice in Paypal.

I hope that makes sense, I’m really sorry this is all so complex, it’s just the way the system is, and we’re just getting accustomed to it and ironing out all the little glitches.

ETA: Somebody clever has just pointed out to me that the converse applies – if you are in the UK/EU and you are purchasing yarn for someone outside the EU, you will also need an invoice done by me, so that we can exclude the VAT from your purchase.