An important note for this and future updates:

Please do NOT send us funds directly through PayPal, either for goods or for postage. The VAT regulations mean that every transaction must show the amount of VAT paid (where applicable), and that can only be done if you pay through the checkout system or failing that, if I issue you an invoice. If I receive any payments sent directly, I will have to refund you and then send an invoice, an unnecessary complication for us both.

I have very much appreciated your kindness in lightening my workload by sending me payments due without waiting for me to invoice you, but we now have to comply strictly with regulations. Thank you!


This week’s shop preview is now up!

This is a special Sweater Pack update. When you buy a sweater pack, you reserve the entire number of skeins in that pack. The minimum you can have from a pack will be 5 skeins. Although most of the packs have 10 skeins in them, some may have less. You’ll see a note next to each item, telling you how many skeins are available in that pack. If you want all of those skeins, you can go ahead and pay for them. If you only want a certain number of skeins, you will need to email me with the number of skeins you require (as long as you complete Checkout, you have secured the yarn, whether you pay or not). I will then send you a Paypal invoice for the correct amount.

Here are some other important things that you need to note about this update:

  • It is being held at 7pm GMT+1. If you are at all confused about what that converts to in your local time, rely on the timer at the top of that page, that is accurate.
  • The new prices are in effect. We have listed the price as being the total for all the skeins in the sweater pack, so if you want less than ten skeins, you can easily work out how much they will cost you, either by checking the new price for that yarn base on our yarn information page, or by taking the total shown on the shop page and multiplying it by 0.x (however many skeins you want, so for six skeins, multiply it by 0.6).
  • You will either be charged 20% VAT as you go through checkout, or you will not, depending on your location. Please be very careful to select the right country when you go through checkout, as this determines how the system prices your order.
  • As mentioned elsewhere, if you are in Europe but not part of the EU, you will still select the Europe postal rate.
  • On Monday night at 7pm (GMT+1) we will hold our second update, listing the remainders from the sweater packs (sold as usual skein by skein) and also some Orphans. There will be a preview for this update sometime on Monday. As I mentioned elsewhere, we will be packing each update separately, so even if you shopped in Sunday’s update, you will need to pay postage again if you shop in Monday’s update.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! It’s slightly unfortunate that the change in price and the change in postage has all coincided with the special updates, it makes it all seem so complicated! But we’ll get the hang of it all soon, I’m sure (so I keep telling myself, anyway…)


A small but important note for customers within Europe but not in the EU (ie, Norway & Switzerland). You will still be paying the same base postage rate as the EU customers.


As of March 22nd 2013, Posh Yarn is VAT registered, so if you live in the UK or EU, you will be paying 20% VAT on your purchase (and on postage fees). We are not prepared to put all our prices up by 20% – that is too steep an increase in the financial times are living in. But unfortunately, neither can we absorb a 20% loss, and still remain a profitable business. We are going to compromise by putting up our yarn prices by 10%. You will see our new prices for each yarn base on our website, under Information.

Our prices are now listed excluding VAT and including VAT. If you are in the UK or EU, you will pay the inclusive price, if you are outside the EU, you will pay the exclusive price. VAT will not be charged on a gift voucher purchase, but if you are in the UK or EU, you would automatically be charged VAT when you redeem your gift voucher. Because VAT due is calculated on the location we post the goods to, it is really important that you put the actual address that you want the parcel delivered to, on checkout. We will not be able to send the yarn to a different country, once you have proceeded through checkout and made your selection. This is especially worthy of note for any personal shoppers. It’s okay to change the address with us afterwards, as long as you select the correct country when going through checkout.

If you live outside the EU, the VAT will be automatically deducted as you go through checkout. Because you will be paying 20% less for the yarn, we are raising your postage fees a little bit, just to cover the actual cost of posting your yarn. The new postage prices I announced originally were not quite enough for international parcels, and that was okay when we were making more profit on the yarn, but now we need to make sure your postage costs cover the cost of posting the yarn. So, the UK & EU postage will remain the same figures as I already announced, (£3.25 and £4.25 respectively, **including VAT**), but the international postage will be £6.25. The new postage rates and yarn prices are effective immediately.

With regard to our next shop update, we will go back to our originally announced plan, of the Sweater Update on Sunday March 31st 2013, and the leftovers and Orphan Update on Monday April 1st 2013. The postage rate for the Sweater Packs is usually a little higher than our regular postage rates, but we have decided to simply apply the new postage rates to this update. If you buy in the Sweater Pack update, and then again in the Orphans Update, you will still need to pay postage for each update, as we will not be combining orders from these two updates.

I hope that all makes sense; if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or send me a private message on Ravelry.


I’m so sorry, but this week’s shop update is cancelled. I cannot confirm when the next update will be, but I hope to have more information for you next week.