We’re still planning to go ahead with tonight’s mock update – hope you can join us!

Don’t forget, there’s prizes for tonight’s shoppers. I will be selecting one customer at random from the update, and you will receive a £25 Posh Yarn gift voucher. As well, the first customer to complete checkout will receive a free skein of yarn from our Orphans pile (which includes some of our more luxurious bases, like Natasha, Audrey, and Miranda). I’m hoping that this will entice you to shop with as much speed and determination as you normally would on a Sunday!!


Reading…….. An Autumn Sowing by E.F.Benson. Funny, bitter-sweet, touching.

Watching…… Nothing. Apart from Frasier reruns. TV sucks!

Knitting……. Bakau. I’m working my way slowly through the lace section. And trying not to be distracted into casting on something else with the Catherine I stole from last week’s update (2 skeins of Winter Tides), or the Catherine that I’ve got my eye on at the moment (a deep warm plummy purple, mmmmmmmm).

Sewing…….. I’m just finishing off a quilt for a friend, hope to get the binding done on it today. I’m also doing the binding on a fabulous little improv wall quilt that I did – I’ve got lots of in progress shots to show you, and when I’ve completed it, I’ll show you them all and talk about the process behind it.

Listening…….. to Gregory Alan Isakov‘s album, That Sea, The Gambler. And also to a Miss Silver mystery, The Gazebo.

Wanting……. a recumbent exercise bike!

Thinking…….. of all the Poshies affected by the storms in the US. Hugs to you all – I hope you come through safely.


The next two sales will not be at the usual Sunday 7pm time slot. Here’s what we’ve got coming up:

Sunday November 4th at 8pm (GMT)
Saturday November 10th at 7pm (GMT)

Then back to normal for the November 18th update.

And don’t forget our mock update this Wednesday (October 31st) at 8pm (GMT)!


This week’s shop preview is now up! And here’s the Flickr set.

As you can see, we’ve got the lovely Catherine back in stock! And Tony has been getting wildly inspired by the unusually vivid autumn colours around us at the moment. I hope you love the results as much as I do!

Don’t forget that in the UK, daylight saving time ends on Saturday night, so the update on Sunday evening is at 7pm (GMT) rather than 7pm (GMT+1). I have updated the link at the bottom of each web page, so if you are in doubt as to what time that converts to in your area, use this link.


Meg has just said to me: *Houston, we have a problem. It looks like there’s an issue with the MySQL database server on the hosting provider for the test site. The good news is that preview page works without the database … the bad news is that the shopping cart depends on it.*

We’ve discussed what is best to be done about it, and sadly concluded that the most sensible decision is to postpone the mock update one week. It will be on Wednesday October 31st at 8pm now instead.

I am SO sorry. Please don’t give up on us! We really want to get this right for you, and the most important part of the test is the coding for shopping cart, obviously, so that part has to be working first.