Okay, okay, I admit defeat. The combination of only a few hours sleep (how you mums with wakeful babies function I do NOT know) and a particularly nasty period have me licked. I’ve done one third of the photos and the rest will have to wait until tomorrow. Late preview, sorry my dears.


I’ve been listing yarn, and writing the colour descriptions for, what, four years? And it wasn’t until a conversation last week that it occurred to me that the descriptions may have been misleading to some of you. I have always listed the colours in the skeins in the order in which I see them, not in the the order of precedence, which is a bit dippy really, as we’re used to seeing lists in order of precedence, ingredients in a recipe, for example. So, I might list a colourway as sage, lavender, silver, moss, just because those are the colours I see as I turn the skein over in my hands – but a customer reading that may well assume that that means the colourway is mainly sage, then some lavender, then silver, then a little moss last of all.

So, from this week I will change the colour descriptions a little bit. Instead of just listing the colours, I will try to give an indication of their distribution, firstly whether the colourway is solid, semi solid, variegated, etc, and secondly which colours are predominant. I don’t think it would possible for me to list them in absolute order of precedence (or I’d go potty trying!), but I’ll do my best to give you a clearer idea of how the colours are presented. So, for example, I might say: Delicate semi solid shell pink with a hint of palest green and platinum.

How’s that? I’m always looking to get the yarn photographs more accurate, but monitors vary, lighting changes the yarn, blah blah blah, you know all of that. But the written colour description, if a little more accurate, may help to balance that out. It may help to know that whereas I do the photographs under powerful studio lights (which bring out all the subtle variations in shade that you might not see in normal daylight), I do the written colour descriptions in normal daylight, so apart from the fact that our eyes all perceive colour differently, they should be fairly accurate. This might be a good time to repeat the list of colours that I wrote a little while ago, so you have some reference as to what I mean when I say a particular shade.


Scarlet (warm bright red)
Crimson (warm red, slightly paler than scarlet)
Blood red (deep bright red, the colour of fresh blood!)
Ruby (deep cool toned red)
Burgundy (dark red, the colour of a deep red wine)
Maroon (a brownish dark red)
Geranium (slightly faded bright crimson red)
Cherry (a bright cool red, almost pink, but not quite)
Tomato (an orange-y red)


Orange (bright warm orange)
Tangerine (a deeper orange with a cooler tone)
Coral (a bright orange/pink blend)
Peach (a pale orange/pink blend)
Apricot (deeper orange/pink blend)
Copper (dark murky orange)


Gold (deep but bright yellow)
Butter (soft pale yellow)
Lemon (pale bright yellow)
Sunflower yellow (bright orange/yellow)
Ochre (deep orange/yellow, murky)
Saffron (deep yellow with a hint of orange)
Mustard (dirty dark yellow)
Primrose (pale cool yellow, with a hint of pale green)
Daffodil (bright cool yellow)


Mint (pale cool green)
Apple (very pale cool green)
Jade (bright blue toned green)
Leaf green (warm light to mid green)
Moss (deep warm yellowish green)
Olive (dirty yellowish green)
Lime (bright & light cool toned green)
Forest green (dark murky cool toned green)
Bottle green (very dark blue toned green)
Khaki (dirty mid toned greenish yellowish greyish)
Emerald (clear bright green with warm tones)
Chartreuse (bright yellowish green)
Kelly green (very bright cool toned mid green)
Grass green (very bright green)
Sage (pale murky yellowish green)


Baby blue (soft pale blue)
Sky blue (pale blue with a little turquoise)
Turquoise (bright turquoise, blueish green)
Teal (darker blue/green mix)
Sapphire (deep clear blue)
Navy (dark blue/black)
French navy (a paler navy)
Airforce blue (a murky mid blue, with a hint of grey)
Peacock blue (deep bright blue with a hint of teal)
Slate (blueish grey)
Kingfisher blue (deep blue with quite a bit of greenish teal)
Cobalt (deep true blue)
Azure (mid true blue)
Robin’s egg blue (a paler sky blue)
Duck egg blue (a pale greenish blue)
Aqua (pale blue/green)
Tiffany blue (a deeper aqua/turquoise)
Hyacinth blue (a mid purplish blue)
Denim (mid greyish blue, stonewashed denim)


Violet (bright warm pinkish purple)
Mauve (pale to mid warm purple)
Lavender (pale silvery purple)
Lilac (light pinkish purple)
Blackcurrant (deep warm toned purple)
Electric purple (very bright warm purple)
Aubergine (blackish purple, warm toned)
Plum (deep pink/purple mix)
Amethyst (rich mid pink/purple)
Damson (rich blackish purple, cool toned)
Grape (cool toned mid smoky purple)


Fuchsia (very bright cool toned pink)
Cerise (bright warm toned pink)
Flamingo pink (bright light orangey pink)
Blush (very pale warm pink)
Rose (pale to mid warm pink)
Dusky pink (dirty rose pink)
Barbie pink (bright cool toned mid pink)
Magenta (deep bright pink going into violet)
Raspberry (deep vivid cool toned pink, almost cherry)
Salmon (warm orange/pink mid tone)


Chocolate (warmish mid brown)
Cocoa (warm dark brown)
Coffee (mid milky brown)
Tan (very warm mid brown)
Bronze (murky brown with hints of green)
Amber (light warm brown)
Rust (mid orangey brown)
Russet (dark orangey brown)
Terracotta (murky orangey/brown with pinkish tints)


Beige (very pale neutral brown)
Stone (a paler beige)
Cream (a yellowish white)
Smoke (a warm pale brownish grey)
Taupe (a deeper brownish grey)
Dove grey (mid grey with a hint of lavender)
Biscuit (pale warm neutral brown)
Fawn (a warmer pale brown)
Soot (a flat true black)
Silver (pale grey with slightly warmish tones)
Platinum (very pale grey with cool tones)
Pewter (mid gunmetal grey)
Charcoal (very dark grey)
Ivory (a cool toned white)
Steel (a dull blue/grey)


Things I do not like

  • Leggings worn as trousers, without an adequate bottom-covering top. I don’t care how skinny you are, I don’t want to see you in that much detail, thank you.
  • Emails written in text talk
  • Text talk
  • White chocolate
  • Startitis
  • Bad language
  • Caked on foundation
  • Pretentious people
  • Doing the accounts
  • Pushiness
  • Soap operas
  • Talking on the phone
  • Open toed booties
  • Mess, dirt, clutter
  • Disloyalty

Things I like

  • Black coffee
  • Chilly nights
  • My super short haircut
  • Cats that sleep cheek to cheek
  • People that rock their own style, regardless of trends
  • Woodsmoke in the air
  • Boiled eggs
  • Pen & wash
  • Converse Hi-Tops
  • The smell of stationery shops
  • Fairy lights
  • Fat baby feet
  • The smell of silk
  • Red lipstick with freckles
  • Fresh margaritas
  • Bedlinen that has been dried outside in the sun & wind
  • Elderly couples who hold hands
  • Categorised book shelves
  • Tweed jackets with elbow patches
  • Pie
  • Integrity


We’re back from our weekend show in Chester! Yowzer, where do I start.

Well, first things first. An absolutely HUGE thank you to everyone who came – so many of you travelled a very long way, and faced huge challenges to do so. Thank you so, so much. There is no question that the real pull of any show is the opportunity that it gives us to see our lovely Poshies in real life. This was such a lovely laid back show too, that it felt like we had time and opportunity to spend a few minutes chatting with each of you. And I think we made some new friends too!! These are the memories that will tempt us into doing another show next year, if we possible can manage it.

I also want to say a big thank you to Andy & John for hosting the show, and putting so much work and thought and time into making it a huge success. And to all my fellow stall holders, who were just as kind and welcoming as they always are when we make our occasional appearance!! I was especially happy to be placed next to Jeni, even though we didn’t get much of a chance to catch up, because we go back a looong way (and if I recall correctly, was how we got to know Andy in the first place).

I haven’t any photos to show you of the weekend, unfortunately, but I’m sure there will be lots popping up on the blogs and Ravelry over the next few days. We took a crazy amount of yarn with us, and brought enough back for either one giant update, or two normal sized updates, I haven’t decided which yet. I’ll let you know later in the week. It was interesting to see the yarns that were most popular (apart from the orphans, which were without question the stars of the stand) – completely opposite to the ones that sell fastest on the shop updates! Which is quite fortunate, as that means that the ones we’ve brought home are the ones that our online customers seem to like best. So if you couldn’t make it this weekend, don’t fret, we’ve got lots and lots of lovelies left for you!!

We’ve packed up a little early yesterday, because we wanted to make sure we got home at a reasonable time, and it’s a good job that we did, because the rain started, and we ended up having to unload everything last night, as gaga with tiredness as we were. So I’m running on empty today. I’m just going to putter around, tidying things away, catching up with all the emails and messages and jobs that need doing after the show. Then I might take the next couple of days off and just go FLOP.

I feel like I’m forgetting something……… I’m probably forgetting lots of things! It’s awfully good to be home.