We’ve got an early shop preview for you this week! Don’t forget this update is on Monday July 16th at 6pm!

(If you still see last week’s update on the shop page, do a forced refresh, which is where you press F5 and CTRL together.)


  • Quill is coming on apace – in fact I will be done with the garter square today, and ready to pick up stitches for the old shale border. Woo-hoo!
  • Project monogamy is definitely the way to go. I’m a reformed knitting slut.
  • I think I’m going to knit Aidez next. The only thing is, I like to knit while reading a book, and this is definitely not one of those projects. Can I still be monogamous if I also knit socks at the same time? That doesn’t count, right, a little sock on the side??
  • From this week on we will be holding our shop updates at 6pm instead of 7pm on Sundays.
  • Am currently working my way through the Joan Hickson Miss Marple box set. LOVE her. Incidentally, she looks just like my nan did. That same steely glint and no nonsense attitude.
  • Speaking of nonsense, I haven’t said anything on here up to now about the ACM scandals (although I’ve said plenty elsewhere), but I feel compelled to say this. Please, PLEASE, crafters, before buying, subscribing, contributing, or advertising in any of the following magazines, just do a quick Google. As a group I think we tend to be quite trusting, and as a consequence, vulnerable. Please ask questions before parting with your money or work. So many people have been burned – learn from them instead of finding out first hand how unscrupulous some people can be. Simply Sewing, Modern Quilting, Handmade Weddings, Handmade Fashion, Simply Beautiful. Here’s a good starting point, but half an hour’s Googling should tell you everything you need to know.
  • Our swallows have gone. And I mean, gone. As in left the area. What does that say about our hopes for the rest of the summer? Sigh.
  • Does anyone use Tiger Balm? Does it work?
  • Cold custard is a Good Thing.
  • Can someone make my current run of nightmares go away? ‘k, thanks.
  • I GOT MY YEAR END ACCOUNTS FINISHED AND SUBMITTED TO THE ACCOUNTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That totally deserves the shouting.
  • The Army firing range are currently doing night firing practise. Big booming guns and machine gun fire, until about 11.30pm. I am not amused.
  • Speaking of being unamused, today I searched for ‘natural wool’ on eBay, and it came up with Stylecraft Eskimo eyelash yarn. I’m sorry, WHAT??!!
  • My growing out pixie cut is at a disgusting stage. Do I cave or push through the pain barrier?
  • Tom & Katie are getting a divorce?!!!!!!
  • If one more person tells me that they must have ME too because they are always tired, I’m going to do something bad with a pointy stick.
  • Can I just say how much I appreciate it when larger ladies post photos of themselves wearing a knitted item in their project page on Ravelry, instead of just showing the garment unmodelled? (I feel that sentence could have run a little smoother, but we’ll let it stand.) As a larger lady, I really need to see how a garment looks before committing to knitting it. I know how much I hate having my photo taken, and I know so many of you feel the same way, but I’m so grateful to those that do it anyway.
  • I need a nap.
  • NOW.
  • Toodle-pip.