I’m tired. Are you tired? Let’s face it, we’re all tired. Exhausted. Beat. Shattered. Wiped. If you want to start a lively conversation with people, mention how tired you are. The energy with which everyone competes to have the Most Exhausted crown is rather ironic.

Why are we so tired, so much of the time?

I read somewhere that tiredness is the top reason why people go to their GP. What is it that is sapping our energy like this? Where did things go wrong? Because every successive generation seems to be tireder than the last. Seriously, my 79 year old mother has about ten times my energy.

What could we achieve if we could keep up with our lives at the speed we want to? What does it take for you to be able to wake up in the morning and bounce out of bed, full of energy and joy for the day ahead? To be able to work your way through your to-do list without feeling the need for a mid morning, mid afternoon, and early evening nap?! Is it our food? The air? The demands of 21st century life? I have no idea. If I was less tired, maybe I could figure it out.

All the bloggers I follow seem to be writing about taking leaps today, February 29th. But, really, have you got the energy to leap? I’m not sure I could even hop today, let alone leap. Instead, I’m curled up on the sofa, under a blanket. Today is a bonus day. We should get to spend it as we want, and not feel guilty. If you want to go a-leaping – go for it!! But no pressure. We have too much pressure on us every other day of the year.

I think today I’m just going to have an extra nap. Maybe I’ll feel more like leaping tomorrow……


Tonight’s shop preview is now up. http://www.poshyarn.co.uk/shop.html I’m not entirely happy with the photos, too contrasty, but I’ll keep working on it.

(For future updates, that is. For now, I’m done.)


This is home. On the very tippy-toe of Wales. A few brisk strides takes you to the shore. The road ends here. Next stop: Ireland.

They call this place Little England Beyond Wales, because it’s in Wales, but not really Welsh. I don’t speak Welsh, I don’t know anyone else who does. Pembrokeshire people are a kind all their own. Perhaps more akin to the Irish, many of whom settled here in the glory days of the dockyard which was the heart of the town. They are laid back, curious, kind, lazy, feisty, and friendly.

I’m not most of those things. But then I was born here, but not bred. I have no Pembrokeshire in my genes – but I do have it in my blood. This is home. I never realised that more than when I was away. Four long, long, long years. I denied it fiercely, the whole time, but I was homesick. Dreadfully homesick. For the kind people. For the startlingly green landscape. For the sea, warm enough to swim in during summer, and for the surfers who congregate here. For the soft rain that blankets us five days out of seven. For the crazy snaking roads and lanes, and the summertime tourists in their caravans and VW’s. For the castles, their walls and fortifications forming the skeleton of the county. For the landmarks on the way home from any journey, 50 more miles, 30 more, 10, 5. The easing of my spirit, and the singing of my heart as we get closer and closer. The sense of fit, of belonging, of home.

The only place in the world I ever want to be.


Can I have a moment of silence?

Thank you.

My camera died. Three and a half years old, and I had nursed it like a baby, but it still conked out on me, and right in the middle of an important product photo shoot, damn its ingratitude.

But, it was good to me, in its own fashion. It was my first DSLR, and taught me all the fundamentals of photography. I’m not ready to move on, but I’m moving on. Goodbye D80, hello D5100. I’ll keep the D80 (once it’s been repaired and serviced) as a back up camera. I suppose it will be nice to have a camera that I can carry everywhere without fear of damage, loss or theft. Since our business is utterly reliant on weekly photo shoots, I have always been nervous of taking the camera abroad, etc, in case something went wrong with it.

Ha! That’s what you get for being cautious! A thousand missed photo ops, and a wrecked camera anyway!!

These photos are from one trip I did take the D80 on, down to the South of France. These cars were at a little flea market. The photos are SOOC. I hope the D5100 treats me as well.