2011 In Review & An Early Shop Preview

I know, I’m a little early, there’s almost a whole month of 2011 left to run. But I am SO ready for 2012, I want it to be here already! 2012 is going to be a good year, a GREAT year. I just know it. I lost a big chunk out of 2011 – January to June, pretty much, were wiped out by illness. I can’t get those months back, but what I can do is squeeze some extra life out of next year. I think I had a growth spurt this year. I learned so, SO much, about myself, about others, about life, about living. I turn 36 in a couple of weeks. That’s grownup, people! That’s a good solid age. I’m happy to be getting older. I’m getting more confidence in the right areas of life. I’m getting better at saying no. I’m learning acceptance. I’m discovering what really matters and what doesn’t. I’m growing in compassion, for myself and for others. This year has taught me so many lessons, and I’m excited to put them into practise to make next year my best year yet.  

I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude for your friendship and support and kindness and love over the last year. I can never tell you how much it means to me, or how much it helped. We both feel humbled by it, and honoured to serve you through Posh Yarn. You make work a pleasure, every day. Thank you for that, and for everything. You lot are just the best.


We are away this week, from Monday-Sunday. I will check my emails periodically, but if you don’t get an immediate answer, I do apologise. We’ll be back in time for next week’s Emily sweater pack update. In the meantime, here’s the Flickr set, and the preview!



As long as there are still spots in the 2012 club, I’m going to leave the club signups on the shop page, but just move it to the bottom of the shop page during the Sunday update. Because the postage is different for the club than it is for the regular update, you’ll need to be carefully when selecting your postage costs on the update. I’ve listed the £2.50 postage cost as ‘Regular Shop Update Postage’. If you want to purchase yarn and a club spot, you’ll need to do so in two separate transactions, so that you pay the correct postage for each.

2012 Club Signups

Don’t forget that signups for the 2012 club open tonight at 9pm!

I’ll upload the shop preview for this Sunday’s update after the club signups finish, or possibly in the morning.

A Quilt For Baby Henrietta

Two weeks ago some very dear friends welcomed their second child into the world, this time a baby girl. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a baby quilt, my first one.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried free motion quilting. It was hard to begin with, but once I’d got the hang of it, huge fun. I’m not even sure I don’t prefer it to piecing.

It only took me 9 days! One day to piece it, and the rest to quilt and finish it.

I chose a modern blend of colours, greys, lemon, ivory. I love the way it came out. Not traditional, but still sweet.

The binding was one of the easiest bits to do – I followed a tutorial in the Modern Log Cabin book, which gives you instructions on how to sew the binding on by machine, all in one go. I know that’s not old school, but it worked great!

I gave the quilt to our friends yesterday, and they seemed to really love it. I hope little Henrietta will too! I made it 45″ x 60″, so that it will be big enough for her bed when she graduates from a crib.